Uquid Announce The Integration with Trust Wallet to Power Up Web3 Shopping Experience

The world of cryptocurrency is ever-expanding, with innovative integrations continually making it more accessible and user-friendly for crypto enthusiasts. One such recent integration is between Uquid, a leading Web3 shopping platform, and Trust Wallet, a popular and secure cryptocurrency wallet. This integration aims to optimize the user shopping experience in Web3. When integrating Uquid Shop to the Trust Wallet DApp browser users can connect and pay for their favorite products on Uquid Shop using Trust Wallet.

The New Explosion in Web3

Uquid Shop is the leading Web3 shopping platform that embraces crypto payments by offering users the best shop-to-earn experience on largest selections of 140M+ products across 200+ countries. Besides, Uquid is continuously upgrading its shopping infrastructure and developing more unique features to satisfy user demand, as well as stimulating cryptocurrency adoption all over the world such as Buy Now Pay Later (Payin3) in Crypto, First $1 Shop in Crypto World, etc.

On the other side, Trust Wallet is a secure and decentralized crypto wallet that allows users to buy, sell and store crypto assets. It’s an easy-to-use, true multi-chain, self-custodial wallet, which allows users to store and manage millions of crypto assets, including NFTs. Trust Wallet currently supports 70+ blockchains and includes features such as native staking and a Web3 dApp browser.

How to Set Up Your Trust Wallet

Through this integration, users of Trust Wallet will have the option to connect with Uquid Shop, and directly shop on the Uquid DApp, which will leverage the convenience and security. By eliminating the need for separate login credentials, this all-in-one experience is promised to promote limitless connection and support digital asset management.

Simple Guide on How to Connect Uquid DApp from the Trust Wallet DApp Browser

Step 1: Open Trust Wallet App on mobile

Step 2: Access the Browser section

Step 3: Search for Uquid and Uquid Shop will appear in the first result.

Step 4: Once you access it, click on Account section in the bottom bar then choose “My wallet”.

Step 5: Click on Sign in with Web3 to connect your Trust Wallet.

By following the instructions, you will successfully login to Uquid Shop DApp and explore more than 143K+ digital products including Gift card, gaming gift cards, mobile top-up and several products & services.

To purchase your favorite items, please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Click on the products image or title

Step 2: Choose the suitable option for the item then click “Buy now”

Step 3: Choose your payment token and chain.

Step 4: After completing your payment, choose “Order” to check out and that’s all.

In conclusion, Uquid remains dedicated to driving innovation and meeting the evolving needs of crypto users. The integration with Trust Wallet is part of the ongoing efforts to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and offer cutting-edge solutions that enhance user experience.

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