Used Trust Wallet adress by mistake, sent ACM (ERC20) from Binance to Chiliz (ERC20)

I sent ACM (ERC20) from Binance to Chiliz (ERC20) in my Trust Wallet by mistake.
I didn’t realised, that i had to send it to a Chiliz Wallet.
What can i do?
Trust Wallet Adress:

Is it possible to send it back to Binance or to tranfer it to Chiliz in my Trust Wallet?

THX for Support.

BR mora77e

Hi @mora77e,

You can follow this guide so you can import it to a supported wallet:

Hi @iamdeadlyz,
the coin is not in the list on the Mnemonic Code Converter (Chiliz) but it is seen in my Trust Wallet.
What else can i do? Or will it just occur, when i put in my phrase?

Since you used the Chiliz (ERC20) address, you need to select ETH in the coin part.

I used Chiliz bep2 adress, so what do i have to choose then?

Why would you need the Chiliz bep2 address? You stated earlier that you sent ACM to the ERC20 address. That’s why you need to select ETH in the coin part to get the private key for that wallet and import it to a supported wallet.

Your right, i send it to ERC20 Adress, my fault. :slight_smile:
Ok, i got my public key now.
When i try to import it now in my Trust Wallet i cannot choose the Chiliz / ACM Token.
If i choose Ethereum the “lost” Token is not seen then in the new Wallet.
Is it possible to add a custom token adress (Chiliz/ACM) during or before import?

Native Chiliz is not supported in the app. You need to find a wallet that supports it.