Validator delegation

Does anybody know why can’t I delegate my BNB coins to certain validators like Legend, Legend II or Legend III with Trust Wallet? Hashquark is also not available.

Hi, @primull read this guide about how to re delegate: How to Redelegate your Staked BNB with Trust Wallet

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Hi Primull, yes same problem here. It seems that the Legend validators are not available in the app?? strange.

@MoBouta for validator to be visible on Trust Wallet, they should be on top 21 validators ( here’s a list: Binance Smart Chain | Binance Staking | Binance Swap ) and they should have been applied to be listed on Trust Wallet through: assets/blockchains/binance at master · trustwallet/assets · GitHub

Read more here: BNB Staking with Trust Wallet