$ value does not show up in wallet

I bought some new bsc tokens called Evergrowcoin.
Address of the contract is below:

It is listed on both coingecko and coinmarketcap. It has trading volume of over $1 million and market cap of $35 million.

It is a new token. I can see the number of tokens but no $ value against it.

Listed on coinmarketcap about 12 hours ago.

What could be issue here?

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Hello @kchalise By default, the app is unable to show the token logo, token information and price. They would have to be added first to our Asset repository. This task has to be done by the project owner.

Read more: Why is there no Token Logo or Price?

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Simply can’t get help. I accidently added 1.5 in rad and 10 bucks in ether and now it’s all stuck. I refuse to pay 100 bucks to get 19 back. Lord only know how much it would cost to get the 10 bucks in ether out. So in short how do I get my coins out and back Into my exchange or another wallet with more sensible fees.

Hello @Smokefghdjxndndnx Learn more here:

  1. https://community.trustwallet.com/t/what-is-an-eth-gas-fee/116

  2. https://community.trustwallet.com/t/why-is-my-eth-transaction-fee-so-high/30604

  3. How to Change the ETH Gas Fee

Nothing works. I have offered 10 bucks for just 5 back and it refuses. Even 0.0001 for 10 bucks will not go through. Throwing keys away and advocating for the closure of trust wallet. Moving money should never be this hard or expensive