Waiting time after Binance validator redelegation?

Hey there, I was wondering If there is another 3 days waiting time if I redelegate my BNB coins to another validator or if the rewards just continue to be paid out on the daily basis?

By the way, it’s ok that it takes 3 days for receiving staking rewards for the first time, but I would have thought that then I will be paid the accumulated sum of the 3 days. Instead you are getting a normal daily reward. Which means your first 2 days of staking are not rewarded at all.

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Hi, @primull all details about BNB staking can be found on these articles:

I have written these questions because unfortunately the answers are NOT in these articles. So again:

  1. Do I have to wait again 3 days after redelegation? (It’s not mentioned in the linked article)

  2. Why I am not rewarded for day and 1 and 2 and get only the standard daily rewards after day 3? I would expect the sum from day 1-3.


I think this is a good question and hope it gets a definitive answer.
A little quick math from my account after recently doing a redelegation seems to suggest the 3 day waiting period does NOT apply. However, I would like to have someone else with more knowledge answer this.

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Actually - it’s nearly impossible for me to tell if i’m seeing rewards from the original delegation or from the redelegation. Something looks to be happening in that 3 day period though.

It’s like that: You will still get rewards after redelegation, but from the old validator (2 days). Then, at day 3 you are receiving the rewards from the new validator.
What I tried now is to redelegate again after 7 days + 3 minutes. Didn’t work. It says “redelegation process not finished”. So probably it’s more like (7+2) or (7+3) days. I will find out.

I don’t understand why TrustWallet is not able to describe something that’s so simple at the Info section. I have to assume they don’t know their own rules properly.


Total agree, it would be good to know a time frame, im now 4 days 3 hrs into redelegation and no idea as new validator gone inactive so want to relegate again but currently after 4 days still apparently in process for the first relegation…totally not clear atm