Wallet and Stak amounts are not in sync


I have been told that sync up between My Trust Wallet and Staking might take some time… It has been more than 5 days and I’m not able to see the staking amount in my Trust wallet? is that normal is there any support I can use?

Thanks to you all for supporting me in this matter.


@SKAN The best way to get support is to open a support ticket from your Trust wallet app.
Before opening a ticket, ensure you have tried troubleshooting the issue yourself first, you can use the chatbot in your settings for common troubleshooting
Settings → Support
Then if you still have the error, open a ticket

To reduce response times from customer support, please include the following info in the ticket:

App version, device model, wallet address, TX hash (if available), and the blockchain + assets you’re experiencing the issue with, and any relevant screenshots or videos to duplicate the error.


Thank you @Tobi Ticket has been submitted with 2 screenshots explaining the issue.

Any idea of how long will it take to have an answer or have it fixed?

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@SKAN There’s no estimated time, you’d need to wait patiently.

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Thank you again @Tobi !
The ticket was submitted with all details. I look forward to the support from the team.


Hi @Tobi
the maturity of the ongoing Stanking ends on the 27th of Feb. I would appreciate it if you could let me know if there will be any impact. Thanks for the heads-up.

Thank you!


@SKAN I’m not sure I understand what you’re referring to

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I have an ongoing staking operation that ends by the 27th of Feb this week. I raised a support ticket explaining my Trust Wallet and staking amount issue. My concern is, is there any risk of losing any funds, should the case is the solved by the 27th of this month?

Hi tobi , I tried to send btc out yesterday but they keep saying something went wrong and now my btc has been missing since yesterday from my wallet please respond to me

@Titus9 Can you provide a transaction hash ?

I have the btc in wallet for like a week then I tried to send out yesterday and it’s not going through then suddenly i can’t find my btc $273


Just to avoid any confusion. Can you help me find the transaction hash in the trust wallet?

Thank you

@Titus9 Can you provide a transaction hash?

@SKAN What transaction hash are you referring to ? You can always check your address on the explorer to see a list of all your transactions.

How can I send the transaction hash to you , I have the screenshot but can’t upload on here

I can’t send the transaction hash on here tobi but I sent it through email I hope you get it

@Titus9 What email is that? Firstly, I do not communicate over emails and secondly the only official email is [email protected]

I tried to send it on here but it’s not going through and yes that’s the email I send it to

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Hi @Tobi,

Will you please let me know what the status is of my issue?
I’m not able to see my staking amount in my Trust Wallet… I appreciate your support.


@SKAN There’s no way I can see those, just check through your Trust app.
Tap on the token then when you click on your unstake button, it should show you the time left for the unstaking process to be complete.

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@Tobi, is there any screenshot can you share on that? The only way to see the staking operation is through the staking link I have. Please advise.

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