WBNB Swap not working

I accidentally put my money into WBNB and now can’t get access to swap it. Can you help me please as I am not sure what to do. Thank you!


Hello @Burkebyfive , i have a few questions first
1 . Where did you do the swap ? directly on Trust Wallet or via an exchange? .
2 . Can you see the WBNB in your Wallet or it does not appear.
3 . What is your Trust Wallet Version .

The swap was completed using Uniswap and it was completed yesterday morning

@Burkebyfive Then use Uniswap to get it back to where it was or it does not show up in your wallet ? i mean the WBNB ? are you on mobile on pc ?. Also make sure you are on the latest version of Trust Wallet . PS : You can add the token manually Click here How to Add a Custom Token