What happened to polkadot

What happened to polkadot i cant withdraw from trust wallet to exchanges


Hello @Mdhasan8630 there is issue with polkadot nodes, team is working on it. We’ll be available soon. Sorry for inconvenience.


Same with me. Been seeing this alert for days now🤨 I messaged Polkadot support also about this.

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I staked 10 polka dots on my trust wallet the dot are showing staked but no transaction history showing also I am unable to unstake my coins kindly help me

My dot wallet address is 1uh5XHvi8zbcC9GHhxEVDFNY293hxDLmWkH3sux3M6RoMR9

Hello @yasirmbutt there is issue with polkadot nodes, team is working on it. We’ll be available soon. Sorry for inconvenience.

So, is it corect to assume that we are not earning any staking rewards while this node problem exists?

Oops just staked 100 dot. I hope I’m earning rewards while node is getting sorted out. Shameful really if I’m not earning any reward.

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I have been trying to sort this out with TW support but I am not getting any info back about what is really the issue. I staked DOT a few days back and only see the nomitation transaction… no rewards, no nothing else… as Alibaba was saying it is pretty shameful… reconsidering my wallet choice

@yasirmbutt @Razer same as above, please let me know if you are ok now if using Android

@Mdhasan8630 @Chex_Mix12 I just got this answer from support:
Apologies for the inconvenience.

For Android they have released a fix for it.

For IOS a solution will be released as soon as possible.

Can Android users confirm this fixes the issue? For some reason I do not think it is wallet related but anyhow…

As of right now it is still the same for me. No staking rewards, no nothing. Same node error message. I’m glad I didn’t move a lot of DOT over here to stake. Still, it’s more than i want stuck…and now if i unstake it i have to wait 28 days…it should be instant since it has really never gotten truly staked.

What does soon mean? My issue with this is that the error message didn’t pop up until after i had staked my DOT. Now i am getting no staking rewards but i will still have to go through the 28 days to unstake. I would like to know a realistic estimate on when to expect the nodes to be functioning properly so i can decide to leave my stake or reclaim it.

Is there any word on this? I have an Android and can verify I’m still getting the same node error. It has been a while now and It happened right when I moved my DOT to this wallet to stake. Not a good look in my opinion. I haven’t heard anything or gotten any updates. Thankfully like some above said I didn’t stake a lot of DOT but its still not the best look when there are other wallets out there.