What is Keeper (kp3rb) on Binance Smart?

Guys, you remember when I said I received the kp3rb token back in November 2020?

Here is the post to the post Why did I receive Keep3rb (BEP20)?

After much research and following the project since then I found out that they are called keepers on Smart Chain similar to Keep3r V1 on ETH. However, they are growing and could potentially get to the level of the Keep3r V1 of ETH.

What then is KEEP3RB?

Keep3rb Network is a decentralized keeper network for projects that need external devops and for external teams to find keeper jobs.

Keeper is a term used to refer to anyone who executes a job/work and in return earn KEEP3RB token. If LP is added you also earn BNB if you add LP to one of the whitelisted pairs on Cheeseswap or Pancakeswap…

You can read more about Keepers and how to interact with the smart contract to earn more KP3RB and BNB or you buy and do job to earn more.

Don’t take my word for it, DYOR!

Remember, you benefit more when you use 50 kp3rb Bond + 1BNB LP.


I will be sure to go through had about it but I haven’t taken time to study what it actually means. Thanks man @ugodspecial

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Sure man, you do that. They are the first keeper in BSC and their potential is high. Good project they have, cheaper in Cheeseswap to buy kp3rb than Pancakeswap and they have integrated jobs that promote both Cheeseswap AMM, $CHS token and $kp3rb token


I will check that out.

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Cool explaination, am gonna hold it