Why did I receive Keep3rb (BEP20)?

Received some amount of Keep3rb on BEP20 but it’s not showing any information.
Checked on binance to see if it’s trading there and it is but seems it an ERC20 Token.
What is the purpose of this token, did anyone received this recently?


Be careful bud, double check on projects website and community groups to see if there are doing a bep20 token, could just be an airdrop, but could be more sinister. stay safe


Hi @Ugodspecial

Anyone can send tokens to any valid addresses. The token that you received is a random airdrop. You can simply ignore it and transact normally.


Could someone be imitating the Keep3rb (ERC20)?

I thought so too but I’m not sure I participated in any BEP20 airdrop recently except the Binance giveaway of Collectibles advertised on 30th of October if you used Binance Smart Chain.

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Do some more research into it bud, or ignore it, your address may have qualified somehow for something, use bsc scan, same as ether scan, you can check your address and token data exactly the same

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I got it too and i confirmed the contract address so it is real meanwhile you can check it out on bsc.scan because it is BEP20 token and it is also listed on pancake swap.

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I’ve done some research on it and like you said my address may have qualified for it. Bulksender.app was used to send the token in batches.
Checked the Contract address, it’s coming from keep3rb.network and claim to list on pancakeswap.

Today I saw a bot claim to give airdrop which will be distributed on Jan 2, 2021.

Funny keep :rofl:

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