What to Do if I Send Crypto to a Smart Contract?

Unfortunately, if you have sent tokens to a Smart Contract, there is nothing that can be done and the cryptocurrencies will be permanently lost.

What Is a Smart Contract

Considering what has been explained above, any type of deposit to a Smart Contract is irreversible and the crypto will be lost forever. Note that in some rare cases ERC20 tokens might have support for retrieving transactions. However, blockchain smart contracts are only a piece of code when addresses interact with each other.

Bear in mind that goal is to help you avoid financial losses, that is the reason why in our community, we have multiple articles that explain how to send and receive safely cryptocurrencies, also their requirements.

Sending Cryptocurrencies - FAQs - Trust Wallet

Finally, remember that Trust Wallet is a non-custodial wallet application that does not have the ability to prohibit, or otherwise block transactions on the blockchain. The speed at which transactions are completed depends on the network fee paid or prevailing network congestion. Don’t forget as a rule of thumb, always confirm beforehand the address of the recipient and never send crypto to a Smart Contract of a Token.