Where are my assets?

I check my wallet every morning. All of sudden I have no funds in my wallet. This never happened to me. Can someone please help or explain what’s going?


same thing happened to me, i need help i am freaking out i had so much money


Same thing happened to me.
My Wallet is empty now but on ethercan I see my coins


Same here with my SHIB! This is ridiculous. My account has never had issues with breaching. Everything is secure. This makes no sense. I’m extremely pissed off.


I see mines on uniswap. But I disconnected just in case . This is very frustrating.


Same exact thing is happening to me. I refreshed my wallet and then it was 0. What in the F is going on?


I would encourage all of you to use a dex to see if your wallet is able to connect and display tokens. My erc20 tokens are displaying in uniswap for those that are not displaying in trust.


How to create a new thread please reply showing zero my mantra dao token

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Same thing happened with my #Hokk. My coins dissapeared. I can see them in etherscan (dot) io
#Lanc(Lanceria)is still in my wallet.

Aconteceu comigo hoje tambem mais já voltou o normal , porem fiz um deposito de solana e ate agora nada !

Same my tokens are going out now i can’t swap or send tokens from my wallet.


Same exact thing as me… My ETH and SHIB are completely wiped out! I am really starting to worry it has been tough just not cashing out these past few months and now 1/3 + of my portfolio are just gone!!! I submitted a ticket and followed all the steps they told me to do. Even the “delete” wallet ( which was extremely uncomfortable) so I sent everything I have left back to the exchanges… I really hope they retrieve our funds. Soon because this is really really freaking me out


About two thirds of my shibanomics are missing. Deleted my wallet and app and re downloaded and still the same.
I didn’t do any other transactions since they started disappearing.

Any ideas?


Token inventory is back and in view. I think Kishu broke the blockchain today! 90%+ growth in 8 hrs. I missed out but hope there are more than a few who didn’t.

the very same with me today… Whats happening?
All my SHIB tokens gone. No history.
The history shows transferring in but nothing going out.


Same here where did my funds go!!! I can see the quantity of coins on etherscan but not in trust wallet and no values on etherscan or trust wallet


I am confronting the same issue. SHIB balance shows USD 0.00 even though the funds are there as seen on Etherscan. I followed the directions to reimport the wallet with no success.

Please assist me my tiger King not showing in my trust wallet, but it’s showing in uniswap. My Shiba is not showing in my trust wallet and my Akita Inu is not showing can you reconnect my assets

All MY SHIB GONE!!! WTF and other assets where do we go from here where is my coins ?!

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Mine is gone, too!!! That’s A LOT of money I’m missing!!! Someone HELP US!!!