Why my safemoon token was not receive in my trust wallet?

I withdrawn my safemoon asset in zbg and the agent confirm that my asset was completely withdrawn. But it was not reflected on my wallet. It is almost an hour already. The help me about it and says that you are out of currency so that is why it was not reflected on my wallet. This is so disappointing since last time my bnb was not refunded when you have an error, and now my assets are missing.


My wallet:

When will be my token be reflected to my wallet? Do i nee to wait for how many hours?

Hi, please tap on top right corner and search SAFEMOON then switch on manually. This guide can help too: How to Add or Remove a Coin

Hi having the same issue. Sent from metamask wallet to trust wallet several hours ago but recieved nothing.

Hello, the problem is the reflected amount was not complete. Kindly check my txid please. As you may see it is missing

The problem here is that, the safemoon token was already enabled in my wallet. I DID NOT RECEIVED MY TOKEN and I know that since it was shown in the transaction id. Kindly look into it. And please before you reply see to it that you look into the transaction ID before you say anything else. Thank you

I have the same problem. I have reinstalled my wallet and still not there but I can see on pancake swap and have the trans Id. Did you get it sorted?


Purchased same safemoon 5 hours ago. Transaction ok. Received the tokens… 5 mins later… tokens disappeared. Can you pls check this out…



Everyone, check these 2 articles
on how to enable tokens manually: How to Add or Remove a Coin

Add token as custom token: How to Add a Custom Token

If not resolved try the following :-
1 Update your app
2 Reimport your wallet
3 Use VPN