Withdrawal from my from a pledge and reward

I just have a question.
Must I deposit a 30% security deposit before making a large withdrawal for the first time to verify my current account?
Please I an urgent answer


@jeokolie That’s not true, there’s nothing like a security deposit.
Trust wallet is decentralized meaning you have total control over your assets and can deposit or withdraw any time.
If someone has told you that you need a security deposit, that’s 100% a scam, please be careful.

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So these are the exact words:

" The total balance of your current account withdrawal is 15429.8103USDT. You need to pay 4,628.9430USDT to verify your current account to ensure the safety of funds."

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@jeokolie That’s clearly a scam, my guess is also they have access to your wallet since they requested you deposit to your wallet. Please create a new one and don’t use the current one again.

Learn more:

@johnyyuu You need to contact the Coinbase team regarding this.