Withdrawing USDT from wallet

i’ve just begun trading a couple of weeks ago. I recently was trading USDT on trustweb3app. I then was recommended by someone to withdrawal entire amount. Unbeknownst to me, I have to pay 20% to the platform prior to them transferring to my bank account. They say my request for withdrawal cannot be canceled due to the irreversibility of the encrypted currency agreement. They say if I don’t pay the handling fee by a certain time, the system will suspend the custody of my account, which will affect the security of the funds. I asked why couldn’t the fee be taken from the proceeds and they say they do not have the right to deduct the withdrawal fees from my account funds.
hoping someone can give some insight, or maybe had experience with how to proceed.
I appreciate your time.


@Gsmith1020 Unfortunately that website is a scam, and what you have described also is a scam. It’s best to cut your loss and stop engaging with the website. Please create a new wallet also advisably and read the guides below which could help prepare you against these scam tactics.


Thanks, Tobi, for your time and advice. I appreciate it. Have a great day!