wrong adress please help me

I sent the wrong coin to the wrong address in the Trust wallet wallet. I can’t find my coin. can you please help me. I sent GAS coin ONG adress

NEOSCAN | Transaction this is my TxID.

Instead of sending ONG, I sent GAS to ONG adress. Please help me please my coins where ??

Hi, @Ozenuysal it should be displayed as ONG = GAS, please tap on top right corner and search ONG then switch on ONG (GAS) manually. This guide can help too: How to Add or Remove a Coin

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Hi sir hope you’ll be fine i have Unfortunately, I mistake add memo code in ONT crypto that I want to sent to my trust wallet,
So how to resolve problem

Trust Wallet is a decentralized wallet and it does not require a Memo or Destination Tag. When sending these tokens to Trust Wallet , a Memo or Destination is not required. All you need is the address. But if you put no problem it should be displayed just make sure put correct address.
Learn more here: What is a Memo or Destination Tag?


NOT ONG = GAS I send GAS my trust wallet Ontology Gas

sort #318 GAS (GAS)
sort#191 Ontology Gas (ONG)

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