XDC supported by Trust Wallet

Hi all. I have just bought some XDC from Coinspot, and I now want to transfer that to my Trust Wallet. However, it doesn’t seem to be supported?
Any pearls of wisdom from anyone? Thanks.

Hello @plowry sorry, we currently not support XDC blockchain. You can check currently supported blockchain here

Thanks Alan. OK.
I also bought Shiba Inu and DAG from Coinspot this evening, but in trying to send to my Trust Wallet I am having similar issues. The receiving contract address in the Trust Wallet when I add these as ‘custom’ tokens provides the same address, and are not a unique address? I tried to send from Coinspot’s wallets, but I received cancellation email notifications as the address was invalid. Why would that be? Is that confirming they are not supported either?

Thanks in advance.

@plowry wallet addresses are identical for all tokens of certain blockchain example, all ERC20 tokens addresses will be identical. Also some blockchain with same deviation path eg… BEP20, ERC20, Polygon etc. have identical wallet addresses.

About withdrawal cancellation, you have to contact Coinspot for clarification.

Thanks again. Right ok - apologies as I’m still a bit of a novice when it comes to this.
So the upshot of all of my queries boils down to the fact that the Trust Wallet does not support XDC, DAG and Shib? I cannot send those tokens to my Trust Wallet so I can keep all my crypto purchases together.
Not sure how else people can track all their purchases if they have some supported crypto scattered around in different wallets. This just makes dealing with crypto a whole lot harder, surely?

I want to revive this topic, because I really want trust wallet would support the xdc


@Alan47 which email account is really you ? i received 3 different emails from 3 different addresses regarding my post. too many people think their slick and sadly some are too ill informed to know otherwise

@Stevekonarzewski I did not send you any email. Don’t reply any email, share the details asked on this thread: Withdrew XDC from kucoin to my trust wallet address

interesting. i will post the threads shortly once i copy and paste all them

@Alan74 none of these are from you or the trust wallet support ?

[email protected](asked for seed phrase)

[email protected]

@Stevekonarzewski none of them are from Trust wallet. Report as spam and don’t answer them.

ok i have done so. now is there a way to find where i can recover my XDC which was sent to my trust wallet from my kucoin spot wallet ? i have sent several emails to trust wallet customer support and have seemed to get no where .

@Stevekonarzewski Send your wallet address and transaction hash in plain text too (copy and paste here).

I read thru this and it looks like you don’t support XDC. Do you support XDC now ? 2 years later

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What is the status of integrating XDC? Top 50 project with one of the strongest communities in crypto.