12 words security


At first, 12 words are given, but we create BTC, ETH and other coin wallets afterwards.

Most importantly, why can’t the user determine these words?

As far as I understand, the coin wallets we created later can be found with an algorithm that works using 12 words.

The same algorithm works with Exodus, Coinbase as well.

If I understand correctly, is only 1 wallet defined for each coin? For example, if I create 2 BTC wallets, which one will be recovered or how can it recover both?

When I add a BTC wallet, I deleted it later and if I create it again, will it generate the same wallet key?

If the system works like this, for example I can’t add my paper wallet address, is it correct?

I want to create coin wallets by offline (without internet connection),
I want to save coin wallets on usd flash disk.
I just want to reload wallets while sending coins.

Can I use a trust wallet like this?

Hi, @mrcemotw

  1. you can learn how to create multi coin wallet here: How to Create a Multi-Coin Wallet

  2. If you create 2 BTC wallets every wallet will have it’s separate backup phrase. Learn how to backup here:

  1. Where to store your wallet backup: 7 Essential Steps to Keep Your Crypto Wallet Secure

  2. Before deleting your wallet make sure you backed up first (follow instructions above on how to backup). When you want to regain access to your deleted wallet import your backed up wallet recovery. Check on how to import here:

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