€ 80.000 of Polkadot are locked in Trust wallet. Cannot send them

I have more than € 80.000 of Polkadot in my Trust wallet version 5.13 (5135) and I am not able to send them anymore. They are all locked in Trust wallet.

What can I do?

P.S. In the future I will never ever use this very unsafe trustless wallet again. Trust wallet ist not trustworthy.

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I have the same thing.

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same thing here , 0 dot on my account but the transaction is received

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Possible an issue on the DOT node

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Hello @angii, @vocky, and @dian1,

Please try to transact again. The node issues are already resolved.

@angii, you just happen to encounter the moment there are node issues with Polkadot. That does not mean that Trust Wallet is not trustworthy. For your information, millions of users are already using this app.

You can learn more about Trust Wallet here: