Android's app backup

The important of keeping my crypto in places other than in someone else’s hand has appealed to me, and this seems to be the best alternative available for me at the moment.

I do indeed have my private key(phrase) in safe places and my concern now is what if my phone comes up missing, malfunctions somehow, or even I accidentally remove the TrustWallet app.

I ensured my android backups have “apps” selected. But I’m not 100 percent sure Trust wallet and all it’s entirety with my cryptocurrencies would be restored if something awful were happened.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Hi @nemo welcome to the Trust Community

Assuming you have Backup your Recovery Phrase or Private Key correctly and your missing phone has a password or any others means that prevents any person from immediately accessing your phone. You can quickly recover your wallet by downloading Trust Wallet & follow this guide on How to Import a Wallet & Our Top Tips To Do So Securely after recovering your funds create new Wallet & transfer all your crypto.

Hello, i have a similar problem, my phone had an issue but I did a back up of the app on my sd card, not the phrase. I still have the back up file but it’s not being restored on my phone. I tried opening up the file using developers options. Questions, 1. Will the back up file contain the lost wallet 2. Is there a part of the file that I can access to retrieve the wallet. 3. Will this file contain 12 phrases stored somewhere.

Hi @I_am_zeus,
Perhaps, the file that you have right now is a keystore JSON file. You need to import it and then enter the password that you used in creating it.

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