Binance-peg uni coin mistakenly sent to coinbase uni address, doesn't support,how to get back

I need help how to get my 12.69 Uni coin actually a binance peg uni bep20.i sent it to my coinbase UNI address, which doesn’t support bep20. So it never made it on the etherscan.but it’s sitting tgere on bscscan.I just need to know how to send it back to my trust wallet.Anybidy know? Thanks


Hi @Benjess,

Does the Coinbase wallet that you use provides the option where you can get the recovery phrase or private key?

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you know I havent tried coinbase side of things as of getting the private key or recovery phrase.Ill do that now.Thanks…

If coinbase do not support peg uni , you will get return it

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Coinbase doesn’t support it…The uni address I sent to was a coinbase address. And you look up that same address on bscscan,My uni coins are just sitting there.Ive tried metamask,create coin so I could send it back but for some reason it’s not picking up the coins.

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I’ve looked up my activity on coinbase and the uni address I used is there. Which proves I sent to that address

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heres my transaction hash address 0xb3458700265da836732fa833b52390019d09a62bfb3b295491d54ef452f7095a
when I sent my bep-20 binance-peg UNI to cionbase UNI address
you cant find it on etherscan but you can find it on bscscan,for some reason metamask cant find my coins when i try to make custom token so i can sent it back to my trust wallet.
Why wont it find the coins?

Same with myethwallet i put in bscscan and try to import custom token,it comes up but doesnt find my coins.I can see coins sitting on bscscan just waiting for me.

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Were you able to get the recovery phrase or private key of the wallet?

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  • Open your Trust Wallet.
  • Click on Setting ( the symbol extreme right down).
  • Click on Wallets (Multi-Coin Wallet 1).
  • Click on the 3 dots beside Multi-Coin Wallet 1).
  • Then, you’ll see your key -open it.
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Send email to coinbase support…

Ok, Ill give that a try.ty

@Benjess were you able to recover money? i am having same issue.
please guide.