Binance to Trust wallet no show, binance support is useless

I have spend 12 days days trying to figure out what went wrong with my binance to trust wallet transfers with no luck. Tried Binance support, it was worse than useless. I have been looking through some of the threads here and there seems to be a lot of problems re:Trust Wallet and Binance. If someone in Trust Wallet support could please have a look at what I did and point me in the direction, that would be great, Thanks in advance. PS, does anybody have an email/phone etc. for binance support. One other thing, when I entered the Trust Wallet address into the binance address box, binance changed it, which is where I think the problem starts!

  1. Trust Wallet Ver. No. 1.27.9

1st Token
ETH Token
TxID: 0xcec653d393ebdddaada7212014c967e13d61fdf9e0a26640d3a5c2b29a9dcab5

2nd Token
CAKE Token
TxID: 0x4ce8e6249996be8af383a2d302d53813e44e5c7f330ea08d386c480f30394a43

3rd Token
BNB Token
TxID: 0x07fca7ee6b4cb1eac6f20de8977b8d98510c9e6ef31c5b740dbb84214c49a0fd

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Hi @Amgine,

Please be informed that you have withdrawn Binance-Peg Ethereum Token (BEP20), not a native Ethereum.

To access it, tap the toggle sign on the upper right of the main wallet screen, search for Binance-Peg, and enable the one with Ethereum and BEP20. You can also follow this guide: How to Add or Remove a Coin

You can do the same for your CAKE token as well (search for CAKE and enable it).

As for your BNB, you received it as a Smart Chain, please check it in the wallet.

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ciao iamdeadlyz, ho effettuato un trasferimento di ethereum da binance al mio trust wallett. dall’app di binance mi confermano che la transazione è stata eseguita correttamente ma purtroppo non vedo ancora i miei ethereum nel mio trust wallet


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Hola @Zucicciu30
Sus tokens están en su billetera y solo necesita agregarlos manualmente como un token personalizado.
Toque en la esquina superior derecha de su billetera, busque ETH y habilite la que tiene BEP20.

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grazie mille jenny ho effettuato tutti i passaggi dettati e la transazione è andata a buon fine. ora ho i miei ethereum sul mio trust wallet