Bitcoin sent to trust wallet weeks ago and not received

@Tomy2 It is most likely a pending transaction then, all you can do is patiently wait.

hello , i received bitcoin from external addresss, it shows completed in my transaction history, but my balance is not updated and no btc in my wallet. please fix

Hello still nothing on his wallet and he contacted the agence they said that they don’t know what happened!

Hello @belive33
Please provide your receiving address alongside the transaction ID of the missing token.

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Hello please my friend sent btc to my Trust wallet address from her PayPal but it hasn’t reflected on my trust wallet account for almost 20 hours now. It has been sent and completed from her end.

I have screenshots?
Please someone should help cause it’s very urgent please :pleading_face:


Hello @PaulArinze
Please provide your receiving address and the transaction ID
Alternatively, you can follow the troubleshoot guide below:

My receiving address: bc1q6mcshdk8nsc89fyz6phlpww97rf9n0xvawxmvj

Transaction ID: 121212386640795380

Transaction hash: 80357461320811a2b684c0ab4b62bb5474a1751cf2c4615e1440251b43a123a8

@PaulArinze Your token has been received to your wallet.
You can also check on the blockchain explorer.

Hi, my boyfriend has the same problem. We transferred to his trust wallet on August 18, but he did receive the btc in his wallet.

Relative to this, may we ask for assistance? Below are the details for your reference.

  1. Version 2.7
  2. Wallet address: bc1qcu32t23ufl2pkaj7c6wvvkl82xkvxj47lq47jd
  3. Details on the issue: we transferred btc to his trust wallet on Aug. 18, 2023, he received notification of the transfer btc, however it did not arrive to his trust wallet up until now.

I tried to attach files here, but it cant attach.

Hoping for your response on this matter.

Hello @JP7454108
That version seems to be an old version.
Please suggest to download the recent app update,

Thank you for your prompt response. Once he update with the new version, will he receive the btc? Zillion thanks

@JP7454108 It shows he already received the BTC on the blockchain explorer so yes the BTC is in his wallet.

Hello do you remember me? My friend still didn’t receive the bitcoins I sent him it’s been a day now! Please help me!

It’s been 3 days since I sent him the bitcoins I need help I don’t know what to do!

Hey @Tomy2
Your “friend” already spent the Bitcoins as he has sent them out already.
Everything is visible on the blockchain explorer.

i would advise you to check the explorer well and see for yourself.

But he didn’t sent anything he doesn’t even know what the other wallet where the bitcoins have been sent!

@Tomy2 This seems like a spam at this point, you can check on the explorer like i said, your friend has been sending to that same address for some time.
You can check his previous sent out transactions and see where they went.

Someone sent me Ethereum worth 12,259 for the past two days now and i am still yet to receive it.
This is my wallet address which i sent for receiving it
Help please, what could be the problem

Hello @Emmyrae
That address you sent has no history of any transactions.

The address was meant to receive not send out, and the person who sent the coin confirmed that it was successful and i am yet to receive it. It’s being 2days now