Bought Lightning tokens ($LIGHT) but pricing balance is not updated!

Hi folks,

I’ve read through some of the support tickets and been impressed by the help that’s been provided here. Hopefully some kind soul can have a look at my issue and advise.

I bought Lightning tokens ($LIGHT) on PancakeSwap and they have appeared in my Trust Wallet but the wallet balance has not updated leaving me feeling anxious.

The transaction Hash is: 0x22479c859323eBC3e66a18E56688Ba3b6Fb3B032

Wallet version 5.21

Here you can see I have the coins but no balance:

I would be very appreciative of assistance.


Hi @Photogram,

Please read this to know why:

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Thank you kindly. Okay so the Token is on both Coin Gecko and CoinMarketCap but the Market Cap field is empty. Is this the reason my TrustWallet balance is zero?

Is the lack of a market cap stat in CoinMarketCap a big red flag?

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It’s simply a requirement so they can keep track of it that the data for the token is accurate and that the market stats in the app can be displayed. Not that “hey it’s a red flag etc. etc.”

Also, it looks like they are not yet added to the asset repo. You can give them this one: