Can't activate DOT wallet even following instructions

I read this thread How to Create and Activate your Polkadot (DOT) Wallet

I have the latest Android version 1.16.17. When I tap On the toggle, I see a “Search tokens” window and my one existing token. When I start typing (either p or d), my keyboard disappears and I see the message “no assets found”.

Even if I keep bringing up the keyboard and can get " dot" entered, same message.


Upgraded app to 1.16.18. same problem. I can’t enter anything in the search window - tried btc, ltc, iost, anything.

BTW, where is the list of what coins/tokensTrust does support?


Hi @Marti,

What is the version of your android OS right now?
You can check this list of supported assets: Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet | multi-coin wallet | Crypto Wallet | Trust Wallet


My OS version is Android 7.0

Thank you for the list!


Hello @Marti,

Are you using the multi-coin wallet? If no, that may be the reason why you can’t search for other coins/tokens, and the keyboard disappears immediately.

Here’s a guide on how to create one :arrow_down:

Also, please provide a screenshot of your wallet list. You can do that by going to settings > then press “Wallets”


I opened Trust wallet. Went to Settings, then Wallets. Tapped + sign. Then tapped “I already have a wallet”. Screen says Import at top. I tapped on Zil (only thing in my old wallet). Entered pass phrase. Named new wallet “Multi-coin Wallet”. Screen shot attached… Screenshot_20200925-114011|666x500

Then back to searching for DOT. Same symptom.

Is there a different Trust app I should be using? I thought I could import in my existing app.

ETA: I tapped on the Trust app link in the instructions and it says it’s installed. So I presume I have the correct app.

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You need to restore as a Multi-coin wallet.
If you restored ZIL, you will only see ZIL.

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So I need to uninstsll the app and reinstall using the instructions in the above link? Or is there another method?

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There is no need to re-install. You can simply create a new multi-coin wallet or use the same set of recovery phrases to import it (by pressing “I already have a wallet”).


Okay. I thought that’s what I did but I’ll try again in the morning. Thanks.


Make sure you select “Multi-coin Wallet”, not any other coins/tokens.

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Will do! Appreciate the help.

ETA: Tried to add new post but it wouldn’t let me. I just created Multi-coin Wallet successfully. Yay!! When I looked up DOT to add, there were several options:

I chose the first one - correct?


Great! Choose the first one if you want to interact with the Polkadot mainnet. BEP20 is for Binance Smart Chain network, while BEP2 is for Binance Chain.

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Thank you so much!! I’m now ready to moe DOT to my Trust wallet!

On to the next challenge - I am trying to withdraw DOT from Binance into Trust wallet and receive this message:

Batch withdrawals

Is Trust wallet able to accept batch transactions?

Yes, the Trust Wallet app can receive DOTs from batch transactions.

Thank you. Now for the next challenge. As indicated above, when I created the DOT asset, I chose plain PolkaDOT. Now when I try to withdraw from Binance, the only network it lists is Binance Smart Chain (BSC) BEP20 (BSC).

A note says “Please ensure that the deposit and withdrawal are on the same network. Otherwise the withdrawal will fail.”

I obtained DOT via an ETH trade (via USDT due to Binance restrictions). It just appears as DOT in my Binance wallet - no extra designation like BEP20 or anything like that.

From Binance withdrawal tutorial: " * After you enter the withdrawal address, if there are multiple networks, the system will automatically match the corresponding network for you. For some special cryptos, if it failed to match the network, you need select the correct network of the receiving address. Please confirm with the platform/wallet of the receiving address before withdrawing to avoid the situation that the withdrawal cannot be credited due to wrong network selection."

I don’t want to lose my DOT in the transfer ethers. Do I need to delete my current Trust DOT asset and create one for BSC?? If I do that, do I have the “real” DOT token in my Trust wallet??

Why is this so confusing??? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist that).

To get the mainnet “real” DOT tokens, you need to select DOT as the network when withdrawing.


Okay! I hadn’t seen that option (or I just missed it). My DOT is in my Trust wallet! Thank you both for all the help.