Coins don't show up in the imported wallet

Hello @Saadi43257
Did you try adding it manually?
Here’s a guide:

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Yes, I have added and removed coins several times. with hand. But it can’t be. My transaction was completed correctly. It just doesn’t show my money on the main screen.

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@Saadi43257 Please provide your app version, receiving address and screenshot from your wallet.

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My transaction is complete. But it is not shown on the main page. The application is the latest version.This transaction has been successfully completed in Bscscan.

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@Saadi43257 Please state your app version clearly.
Also can you reimport your wallet and see if that works.

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I have done what you said several times. I deleted my trust wallet and logged back in several times. And I still added coins several times by hand.

@Saadi43257 I asked for your app version which you haven’t provided yet.
You most likely don’t have the recent update where issues with adding custom tokens was already resolved.

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Hello. I have sent you all the documents and screenshots both here and in your email. I have the latest update version. 8.1.1 Why hasn’t my account been created yet??

@Saadi43257 A reimport should fix the issue, only except you do not have the tokens in your wallet.
Please provide your receiving address

This is the address that deposited the money for me.

@Saadi43257 This is your wallet address right? Your tokens were sent out of there since and you were only making a false claim here.


By mistake I made a transfer USDT to my own TW address and I already cheked and the transaction was sucessfull in BC; but the money out of my USDT address and in
in the same address (my USDT address!) the problem is the USDT not shown in my USDT TW balance, can you help me please? this is the transaction hash# 0x94a7d6f0a5bd681beceaad79d8ffe0963a3bf33ecad2e0d4db5400be6d877a32

I realy need your help. I already sent e-mails to TW support team but until now they didn´t reply me.
Can You help me to solve this issue? I want to make a investments with that money and I have been losting soveral opportunities.
Thank You.
Best regards.

@MLin Your tokens were sent out already.
Do you recognize the transaction ?

Yes It was my transaction made by mistake.
So why the USDT amount don’t appear in my USDT TW balance?

I made the transaction from my USDT TW address to my own USDT TW address (by mistake of course!) so the tokens out but the same tokens in in my USDT TW address, right? so why they are desapear into my USDT TW balance?
This is my question and please I need your help to solve my problem.

@MLin Please check well, you sent to a different address which is this: 0xF1A86ad3939eb04862dD2f54611A9F229Dfa92eD

Yes is the same address I already checked.
So I don’t understand why the USDT are missing?
Can You help me please?

@MLin Please check on Etherscan.
Your USDT were sent between different addresses

Hi Tobi Thank´s for your explanation.
Yes You right the second (OUT) transaction (3min after mine!) is made for another address the problem is I didn’t do this second transaction I just did the first on by Mercuryo platform that means someone have access to my TW USDT wallet and made it for your particular address.
So how can I do now to recover my USDT?
Please I need your help I m in trouble.
Thank You

@MLin Unfortunately we have no way to recover confirmed transactions on the Blockchain.
You need to create a new wallet immediately as your current one is compromised.
Learn more: