Did not get the ETH yet from Moonpay

Hi, I purchased eth from moonpay (thru the trust wallet app) and even tho they sent me a confirmation email it has yet to be deposited into my wallet. when I contacted moonpay about the issue they sent me an email instructing me to contact trust wallet. any help would be greatly appreciated thank you


Hi @joshuablakeo,

Why did they refer you back to us? Please explain the conversation you had.

I tried to send a screenshot of the email but couldn’t, this is what was sent : Normally, Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions won’t appear in your wallet until the blockchain has processed at least one confirmation, this can take fifteen minutes or longer.

Please check to see if you entered the correct wallet address when you made your purchase order. You can do this by comparing your wallet address to the address listed under “Sending to” on the transaction tracker, which was sent to you in your order confirmation email.

If you have entered the correct wallet address, please contact your wallet provider for assistance.

MoonPay Support

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I have now permitted you to upload images. Please attach the screenshot that shows the “sending to” as well as your ETH address from the app (the one with the QR code).

Thanks for providing the requested information.

Upon checking your wallet in the explorer, they didn’t send any ETH yet: Address 0x1A95482bff1Bb8cF2e24EA7c63678baA34FBd524 | Etherscan

You need to contact them again and ask for the transaction hash.

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okay I will, thanks for your help

I am having this same issue and I am having a hard time getting into tough with Moonpay. How long do these transactions usually take and was his issue resolved?

I’m having the same issue too! Moonpay transaction says delivered to crypto wallet but nothing shows up on trust wallet.

Same issue. What do I do. Same email from Moon pay. Same crap. It’s been 12 hours

same problem here. it’s been 12+ hours and moonpay is zero help. hopefully tomorrow morning it will be there.

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I also did receive my ethereum through moon pay.

My transaction hash is:


Destination wallet:


Transaction ID is:


Same problem here too today. Email says it’s done but one of these links says there is no record. Did the same as the others used the buy link from TW in the ETH coin and redirected to moonpay

Hi @Jayvee0129 @Tonyten13 @Ianturner711 @jarrydmccormick @Jimmyjazzzz @skipp694

To better assist, please send the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version (open the app, go to the settings of the app and press “About”, take a screenshot, and attach it here)
  2. ETH wallet address (press the receive icon near the send button, take a screenshot of the QR code, and attach it here)
  3. Transaction hash or link given by MoonPay
  4. Screenshot of the email from MoonPay (showing the transaction hash, destination/receiver address, and amount, you can cover the order ID)
  5. Screenshots of the wallet (including errors or missing balance)
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I purchased a crypto and went to send it over to another platform. It said I do not have enough ETH to pay for the fee. I then go ahead and buy ETH via Moonpay and it says delivered but NO ETH. WHERE IS MY ETH. I dont want to be affiliated this this garbage fee robbing platform anymore. I just want my ETH to send my cryptos over! I have contacted the support page and everything and NO RESPONSE. Ive had it with this app already. IM FURIOUS

Same issue, bought eth with moonpay, they sent a confirmation email but there’s no pending transaction corresponding to the transaction hash and there’s no pending transaction to even edit in the wallet to be able to push it through or cancel.

Can you enable me to send screenshots I need help too. Please I’m missing $1,000 of ethereum. It has not been delivered by moonpay


I am having the same problem. I purchased 1500 of ether from moonpay and it says delivered but the transaction hash has nothing and says unable to locate but yet got an email saying crypto delivered. This happened last night at 10 pm i purchased, and then at 1 am says crypto delivered but nothing has been delivered. Can you enable me to share screen shots. Here is the current info.

e4fc711d-1598-47c0-9645-3f0c21926462 transaction Id

0x2748886aff27204def2b821c059f91ef0fb4d7fc054e3f922509428758b4adbb transaction hash

0xfc3EB660b4F141d363fE774fA1B366b6aa72366C destination address

Any help is appreciated. As you can imagine, this is very frustrating and concerning since I never had a problem with Moonpay but will now think twice about using them

Hi I am in the situation and need help @iamdeadlyz
I bought ETH via moonpay. Got a confirmation that crypto was delivered but it is not in my wallet as of yet. Can you please assist me? This is worrisome

I’m in the same boat as the rest of these people, it’s been 8 hours since I purchased $500 worth of Eth from Moonpay in my trust wallet and still have not received it. Can I get some assistance?