Did not get the ETH yet from Moonpay

Same issue. Purchased 12 hours ago, got confirmation email that it was delivered etc. No ETH in wallet.

Transaction ID:


I am in the exact same boat as everyone above.

Made 3 ETH transactions last night. All show as completed by Moonpay yet the Transaction Hash is blank showing no record of these being processed on Etherscan.

My version is 5.21

My address is 0xc8281501f72D1c94c71dFC85F9daac2586364eA9

Transaction #1

Receipt date - April 18, 2021

Transaction ID ba4ddd52-bcac-4b1c-ac8e-271d0cbca962

Destination Wallet Address - 0xc8281501f72D1c94c71dFC85F9daac2586364eA9

Transaction Hash - 0x27f9a945c499556d344c31a26729cb825ef95a4802d6a2ea9eab776f7bd6b5c7

Transaction #2

Receipt date April 18, 2021

Transaction ID - 5aa08979-8880-4403-ac46-aeb4037c1d84

Destination Wallet Address - 0xc8281501f72D1c94c71dFC85F9daac2586364eA9

Transaction Hash - 0x2faa14b1deaacac0957d8de9bb0cd249e382fe7722bb4abbf8f2665cb15f13f9

Transaction #3

Receipt date April 18, 2021

Transaction ID - a8fc6735-5a69-40b2-9fd7-148e170bca34

Destination wallet address - 0xc8281501f72D1c94c71dFC85F9daac2586364eA9

Transaction hash - 0x499bd514384ff27322a02cf111af660bbb59e7b4ed58e5cb40b2df4cd28c3dbd

Seems to have the same problem as everyone else bought eth using moonpay and everything says delivered and all but nothing is appearing in my trust wallet. I’ve contacted moonpay and they’re saying to contact trust support . So I really don’t know wth is going on I just want my eth or my money back please.

Transaction ID 2e960a30-41e2-4f34-abdb-d81992cd0631

Destination wallet address 0xfc8D66C63724524a6394e5043Ab642fE67e91214

Transaction hash 0x247c1f8ae6c141f054bce86f0a7b0c90eb5746f3f310d562f8bc667b89f41972

Version 5.21


Can someone update, how long did you wait for it to show up in your wallet???

I haven’t received my eth, and I bought yesterday thorugh moonpay, Transaction appears complete and all info right. They send me a support message after I wrote them and told me to get in contact with trust wallet support team. Please help!


Yeah, same thing here. I tested out with multiple transactions, now nothing appear haha, first time using this…so kinda frustrated. It will appear here hopefully all the panic buy get cool down a bit.

Hope those folks who gotnthe eth in the wallet can report back??? Thanks

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Same boat, anyone have any luck with customer service from either Trust Wallet or MoonPay?

I suppose that we are just gonna have to wait, I made a purchase of a 1,100$. So I hope it gets reflected soon.


Ok, I see some balances now. Took about 4 hrs to show up :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::muscle::muscle:🤦:money_mouth_face:, happy swapping, Safemoon??

Here was the last response I got from Moonpay support. This was 12 hours ago and still haven’t seen funds sent. Glad to hear some people are getting, hopefully they sort this out today.

Thanks for getting in touch, and apologies for the wait on your crypto!

We’re having some delays in processing transactions as we are currently receiving an unusually high volume of orders.

Please know we’re working to process yours as soon as we can and expect to send it in the next couple of hours — we’ll send you a confirmation email as soon as the crypto has been sent to your wallet.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Best regards,

MoonPay Support

I am having the same issue, Purchased ETH from moonpay via trust wallet over 13 hours ago, Moonpay states it is delivered and nothing shows in trust wallet. I contact Moonpay and the best they can do is ask if my address was correct and of course it was. I am now missing $300 in my Ethereum.

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Its almost 24 hours, nothing shows up. Moonpay told me to contact Trust wallet. PLEASE HELP.

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Did you have to contact moonpay? I’m having the same problem as everyone else and am getting frustrated they keep bouncing us back and forth

And the moderator here is just ignoring the question, so frustrated. I bought through Trust wallet app, but it just not working.


I am having the exact same problem and so are many others. Moonpay and Trustwallet just keep sending you back and forth and neither will take responsibility to remedy the situation. Very frustrating…especially when the delay is causing me to miss out on the altcoin im trying to purchase with it.


How the status of you transaction with moonpay? Any update please, i have same issue like yours.

Bunch of fucking jokers man running a multi million dollor company and have no clue how to deal with customers, it’s a mary go around with them, I should have stuck to coin base way less complicated than this


Alright guys, so here’s my update. I received ETH on 2 out of 3 transactions that I processed yesterday. The transaction hash that I was sent on these 3 separate transactions have proved useless.

I looked at the 2 transactions that finally processed on Etherscan and they are completely different transaction hashes than the ones sent to me via email for tracking purposes. That’s odd to say the least. I’m starting to think Moonpay didn’t have the ETH or server load on hand to process all of our transactions and is processing as they can in reverse order.

I’m waiting on my original order though.

So here’s an update to my issue…finally received my eth deposit to my wallet 12 hours later. Not sure what caused the delay…but happy it was rectified.

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Also just received funds after 22 hours. Hope everyone else got theirs too.