Did Not Receive Coin or Token

This guide will help you in finding a solution when you are unable to receive crypto.


Step 1 - Check the Transaction ID

There will always be a permanent record of a transaction recorded on the blockchain. If you do not have one then the transaction did not happen. You need to check with the sender. If there is a Pending "Stuck" Transactions, wait for the transaction to complete.

Step 2 - Check the Receiving Address

You can always check your address via blockchain explorers to confirm if a transaction was actually made. Go to CoinMarketCap and find the coin/token. Under the specific crypto, there will be a section for Explorer, this will open up another website where you can put your receiving address.

Step 3 - Add Custom Token

If this is a fairly new token, there is an option to add it as a Custom Token. You need to get the token details and add it manually. There will be no pricing information for this yet.

Step 4 - Wrong Public Address

There are several blockchains that is supported by Trust Wallet that uses the same address format. A perfect example is your Ethereum (ETH) address. Be very wary when sending tokens to your wallet and always confirm that you are sending it to the correct blockchain. If in case that the token was already sent to the address that you have on the app, then use this guide to recover them.

Step 5 - Unsupported Coin/Token

Check if the crypto that you sent is part of the supported assets. The receiving address may look similar, like in the case of ETH addresses for ERC20 tokens, but the token was already swapped to mainnet. These newer blockchains are not automatically supported. They have to be reviewed and tested before they can be added to the codebase. If in case that the token was already sent to the address that you have on the app, then use this guide to get the Private Key and use it on a supporting wallet.

Step 6 - Report the Issue

After doing the above steps and you are still unable to see the coin or token, please get all pertinent data and submit a ticket. You can use this link to submit details of your concern: https://support.trustwallet.com/hc/en-us/requests/new