[Discussion] KIN Migration to Solana Blockchain Proposal

The KIN community have used Trust Wallet for several years as their primary wallet and have been a very loyal community. KIN is migrating to SOLANA on 8 December 2020 and will become a SPL token – so if we do not support them they will need to find another wallet.

Help us decide if we will move forward with the integration.
Go to the proposal link for more details.
Vote here:

You need to have TWT on your Smart Chain wallet before the snapshot to see your voting power.
How to Vote in Trust Wallet Governance


Apart from having twt in my wallet, is there any other condition ?. How do I know the status of my vote. It’s my first time.


Done… My $twt as at the proposal captured within the time frame it was enacted was small :disappointed::disappointed: I pray we win them over.


Once you vote a pop up will show…

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Hope like $cake…

$Kin team will give a rewards for who vote here

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Noting is promised… They might and they might not give any reward…

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Any kin fans here ? come join to vote please !!


This has been posted already.

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sorry, i didn’t find a post on it . thank you for pointing it out . have a great day

[Discussion] KIN Migration to Solana Blockchain Proposal

Lets vote guys, this is for the benefit of all. No one must be left behind, together we will rise. $TWT, $KIN, $SOL


Already vote, any rewards after end?

No reward was promise… You were ask to vote inorder to give you the power for deciding what happen on trustwallet…

A reward might come and there might not be any…

But no reward was promised


The reward is voting itself.

Let me give you an easy to understand example:

Consider Trust wallet Token a company and you are a shareholder holding tokens. All shareholders decide on the proposals for the Governance and how the company runs. If the proposals are beneficial for the company, it’s prices rise. :sunglasses:


The opportunity to vote is a privilege. Shows you the platform is community driven.

Enjoy your right to vote
:blue_heart: :blue_heart: :trust:

Guys, i have problem with vote. The long load page to vote…

Hello please I need your help…I haven’t been able to sleep so well because I still new in this… someone sent me $3000 bitcoin to my trust wallet and I haven’t seen it for the past 10 hours now…so I just want you guys to help me on this…I checked if it’s a mistake from the address I gave her but I wasn’t…and I don’t know what to do…she bought the bitcoin from the bitcoin ATM…what do you guys think… please I need help

Have you receive it yet