How to Vote in Trust Wallet Governance

Trust Wallet Governance via TWT

The Trust Wallet team has enabled a governance mechanism to allow holders of $TWT to decide on any proposals that the devs or the community creates on the governance portal. The amount of $TWT you hold in your wallet will determine the weight of your vote. So get some $TWT and participate.

Voting is free, there are no fees. The portal only takes a snapshot of your Smart Chain address once you cast a vote. Your funds remain in your wallet and you can still use it for transactions. However, moving your $TWT before the end of the voting period will affect your voting power.

1 $TWT = 1 Vote


  • Trust Wallet app version 5.3 (iOS) /1.9.6 (Android) or higher
  • TWT BEP20 on the Smart Chain Wallet

How to Vote using Trust Wallet

Access Governance Portal

Open your DApp browser and then scroll down to the Utility section. Tap on Trust Wallet Governance.

Switch to Smart Chain Network (Optional)

Do this step in case the app does not automatically change to Smart Chain. You can proceed to the next step if you are already connected to the Smart Chain Network.

Tap on the ETH logo at the upper right corner and then choose Smart Chain on the list of networks.

Connect Wallet

To connect your Smart Chain wallet, tap on Connect and then select Trust Wallet.

Select the Proposal

Next, tap on the Proposal and review it. Cast your vote.

Confirm your Vote

After tapping on Vote, you will see a confirmation summary. Tap again on Vote then Confirm the transaction by selecting OK.

Great job. You have successfully participated in a governance vote. There will be more proposals that will be decided upon by $TWT holders. Stay tuned!

Why is my Voting Power 0?

The Voting Power is based on the number of TWT you hold at the time of the snapshot set on the proposal. For example, open this link for Block #2112889. The timestamp of this block was on Nov-10-2020 12:28:58 PM +UTC.

Simply put, the snapshot is based on this block number from the Binance Smart Chain.
If your address does not have TWT before the snapshot, your Voting Power will be zero(0).

Vote on Other Sites

The introduction of this voting mechanism is not just isolated within the Trust Wallet governance portal. Other sites that uses Binance Smart Chain for governance can also be accessed via the DApp browser and any user can cast their votes if they have the needed tokens.