Download Trust Wallet on Desktop

Hi guys, forgive my ignorance. Can I safely download a trust wallet (I already have on my phone) to my lap top? And how do I get the same balance etc I have on my phone to go on the lap top? And finally, what is the safest link by which to download it.


Hi @Nukaya,

Please be informed that the Trust Wallet app does not have a browser extension nor standalone apps for desktops/laptops. Do not download fake apps, else, you are likely to lose your funds.

Official download links can be found here:


In addition to what @iamdeadlyz has said, the only way to access your wallet from a desktop/laptop is to use Metamask or Binance wallet extensions.

To use either, you have to import your current phrase into it but note that you do that at your own risk.

How to Setup Binance Chain Extension with Trust Wallet
or follow this thread to use metamask

I Need to Export my Trust Wallet to MetaMask: How Do I Do This?


Thanks for the info. What about if you want to have it on another phone with a different number! Can you download it using the recovery phrase and have the same balance show up on that device?

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You can download safe Wallet in laptop/dekstop/pc

  1. Metamask (You can add any blockchain network like Smart Chain, Tomo, Fusion, etc
  2. Binance Chain Wallet for BEP2 token and BEP20 token.
    Both of above is browser exstention in Chrome and Firefox browser.

For more safety, you can use hardware wallet in PC