Eth not received to my trust wallet address, copied a random address


I transferred Ethereum from my binance account to my Trust Wallet but I didn’t receive it eventho it is confirmed and done already an hour ago on my binance transaction history.

This is a screenshot of the transaction with the address:

can someone help pls? thanks.

Hi @trx9,

Please copy the TxID from Binance, then paste it here (not a screenshot).

This is tge txid

Looks like you got the ETH already: Address 0xbd04631d842a5f8bc54c6f50c315305143dc8a48 | Etherscan

To better assist, please provide us the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version (open the app, go to the settings of the app and press “About”, take a screenshot, and attach it here)
  2. Screenshots of the wallet (including errors, if any)

I have nothing on my twallet

Please re-import your wallet by following this guide: How to Re-Import your Wallet

I did and still nothing is showing up, 0$

Please open the app, select Ethereum, press receive, take a screenshot, then send it here.

here it is

The screenshot of the Ethereum address that you sent is different compared here.

Please make sure you selected the correct wallet in the app (go to settings > wallets)

I dont have any other wallet, its the only one i got.
I made sure to go to the app and copy the eth receive address and used it, now not sure where did my eth disappear.

Unfortunately, it won’t show up in the Trust Wallet app since the address that you have is a different one.

Try to follow this guide and check if you can find 0xbd04631d842a5f8bc54c6f50c315305143dc8a48 in the derived addresses list.

I followed the guide and didn’t find that address there.
I am sure I copied the address from receive eth on trust wallet and pasted it on my binance to send it, i don’t know why its now different address…
what else can be done?

Try to find the correct recovery phrase for that wallet. You may have used a different one.

no, it has been my same wallet and first time using trustwallet
I have no idea from where that address I sent to came from or it just switched on trust wallet after I copied it.
Because I literally copied the address (ethereum receive) from the app to binance … this really sucks, something is not right

Perhaps, you copied that address from the other app or any other exchanges/platform? Like it was your previous deposit address? Please double-check.

I double checked everything, TW is the only one I have and no other place for me to copy an address, also checked binance ones just in case and nothing.

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You may have copied a random address. There is no other explanation aside from you got the address somewhere.

It was the only address to copy using my phone, so I guess my eth is gone…

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The same thing happened to me but with BTC. I have never seen the BTC address that I sent it to, I copied the address straight from my Voyager wallet and I have checked all of BTC wallets and nothing, it’s like it was changed on the back end or my phone was hacked.

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