Funds missing even after I reinstalled the wallet

I never received my funds. I also tried following all the steps in the guide from your website. After that, I opened a ticket and have sent a mail with txid, addresses, tokens… and nothing yet, a month later.
Can you assist me on this issue?



Which coin/token did you send to Trust Wallet? What amount?
Provide your wallet address and app version too.



My wallet version is 1.27.17
Wallet address: 0xF2473e3d058aD74c34702Ba9816d30d3549d110e (omi)
OMI token was sent - 20000 omi tokens total
Date of transaction: 16.3.2021


i cannot see any transaction on this wallet, either on etherscan or bscscan ( Looks llike new wallet). Make sure you imported correct phrase.

Good afternoon, my wallet address changed suddenly since my phone was formatted and I reinstalled the app on my phone, now my 12 words are associated with two wallet addresses and I am currently in DAPP business and I cannot continue investing for this inconvenience, I never asked to change my address, I need to solve this urgently please.


Check this notice on BSC address change Binance Smart Chain Address Change

Please follow this guide to get the Private Key for the old BSC address: How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address

Use this custom derivation path m/44’/714’/0’/0. Afterward, import the Private Key as a Smart Chain Wallet.

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A pleasure to greet you, I am writing to you to ask you the following questions.

Last year, exactly at the beginning of June 2020, I downloaded the trust wallet app on my cell phone to register in a DAPP type business investment.

The initial investment was with ETH so I acquired 0.062545943021325 Ether.

Now ,in the investment I was registered with the following multicurrency wallet address - 0x24457f999BFa37B1736a661D29D0581Bda63F677.

Eventually, I had a problem with my cell phone, and I had to format it, then I reinstalled the trust wallet application months later, with the same 12 words with which I opened my wallet in the beginning.

Once I imported the wallet created with the 12 words, the trustwallet multi-wallet address changed to :


What I need is to please tell me how to restore my initial address of 0x24457f999BFFa37B1736a661D29D0581Bda63F677 , as I was not consulted previously, and in the DAPP business, I have to change my address to 0x24457f999BFa37B1736a661D29D0581Bda63F677
previously, and the DAPP business I invested in can not make me this change to the new wallet.

I can prove that the initial account , is my account. I have tried to import my 12 words in other phones, to see if it is some error of my cell phone, and nothing has not been satisfactory.

I require it to be the same as where I have some money invested please , they registered me with 0x24457f999BFa37B1736a661D29D0581Bda63F677 this address and not with

I wait atte. your comments I am willing to any kind of information you need but if you can please help me . I will be grateful !

Greetings !!!

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Hi Alan. I have couple of tokens on this wallet and it is not new. I have made dozens of transactions to and from the wallet. I did the whole “reinstall” thing as per the guide with the correct phrases and got the same wallet as before, with same tokens and token amounts. 100% sure not the new wallet

The same exact thing has happened to me and I dont know how to get it back and also @mariamilano how did you find out the code of your last wallet is there a way do you just remember

Hi @GreedyyG i use a app witch name is Airtm . From this app i bought ethereums to invest on a dapp business, I have a record of transactions i made.

Hi @Alan47 Hello good morning, I tried to do what you indicate here, but I’m afraid this is not my case, my case is that I imported a multi-wallet, and after formatting and updating the phone and reinstalling the trustwallet now my multi-wallet address is different from the one I had previously a year ago, and therefore I have no access to my funds. I have my recovery key and I have bank transactions that show that this was the address of my wallet but now I do not know how to recover my old address. please could you help me with that?

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I really dont understand can u explain me again please? how to do the process to recuperate my initial address?

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Please follow this guide to get the Private Key for the old BSC address: How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address

Use this custom derivation path m/44’/714’/0’/0. Afterward, import the Private Key as a Smart Chain Wallet.

Hi Alan, I transferred 2.6 million FINE to
0x4e6415a5727ea08aae4580057187923aec331227 yesterday but haven’t received anything.
Version 1.28.8
Can you help?

Hello @georgem1988 that’s FINE smart contract not your wallet address. Can you confirm please.

Well I’ve sent my fine there. How can I get it back? I previously sent it to 0x3c9d4690486acBCC2652ee6D0295B229420b6B99 but it came through without a value on. Please help!!

It’s impossible to revert transaction that already confirmed on blockchain. Try to contact project owners to see if they can help. Otherwise consider it as lost. Triple-check next time before transacting.

Hi Alan, how do i find the project owners for $FINE? I used the address you put on the other post!

I’m having a similar issue, everything was fine yesterday in my wallet but now when I look at it all of my safemoon tokens are gone. I had a little over 1bil but now it’s saying I only have 100. I’m so confused because I didn’t sell anything or authorized anything. Can I please get some help?

Hello Alan ! I have tried hundreds of times to import the wallet, with the 12 words with which I generated my multiwallet in trustwallet, address 0x24457f999BFa37B1736a661D29D0581Bda63F677 eth ,my ethereum wallet now change to the same route of the Smart chain, for no reason I have been able to recover my wallet , I have used many applications besides trust wallet to try to do it, and I followed every instruction to the letter to generate a private key using the derivation m/44’/714’/0’/0’/0 for both ethreum and smart chain, using the BIP32 ,BIP44, BIP49,BIP84 and BIP141. Why is this happening? why is it now , please tell me, I backed up my 12 words a year ago and , the 12 words when I import it throws another address that is not associated with my smart contract. how do I get my money back? thanks