GALA received but not showing

@Roma00go If you have already updated your app and tried troubleshooting but your tokens are not shown still, I’d suggest if you need your tokens urgently to import to another wallet that supports that network and send out and also just create a support ticket at to report this.

Hi Tobi,
I was trying to create a post but seem no where to be found.
I sent $500 usdt from binance to trust wallet and the fund is not showing in the wallet.
Hash: 0x267ca5183a8760e654bc8bb2184cf549c8e0d4bf57508b66fed687ccbab4be01

@Eri1 Seems you clicked on a phishing link as it states there in your transaction history your tokens were sent to a scam address.

Hi Tobi,
So i lost the fund ? I cant believe this!!! I rarely use the wallet but my bnb funds are still there?

@Eri1 Please send your assets out to a new wallet if you still have any there.
Also it’s important to stay safe and be updated on those sort of scams.
Learn more:

I have the same issue of sending funds from an exchange to my trust wallet, it shows on avalanche blockchain that i recieved the token but it does not show at my trust wallet front end

@DrGabriel Please ensure you already added the token manually or if you already did and it’s not shown still, follow the troubleshoot guide:

@TAYMURX Can you please provide the transaction hash if you have any ?