How can I recovery a deposit not credited - BAD token

hi, I mak a deposit to my Trust wallet from Poliniex but wasn’t credited… how can I recovery it ? I have all the withdrawal details!

thank you


Hello @dimadeo
Please provide your receiving address here as a plain text.
Also ensure you do not spam posts under different topics.

thank you for helping


I really appreciate your help

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thank you for your help. I don’t know how but I just discovered that I was scammed when I tried to swap on uniswap… I’m so disappointed…


Please have a look and thank you again…


Usdt trc20 Transaction on the wrong wallet address.i need helpemphasized text

My address is


Please, check it out

Thank you

@dimadeo Your tokens were sent out already via phishing.

Please stop using that compromised wallet and create a new wallet.
Learn more: