How to contact Trust?

I was instructed to contact you since I sent it from here the only issue is the transaction ended up expiring

@chad84, to clarify, did you send the BTC to them already?

I did and what happened is The transaction expired and and it wasn’t put back on the wallet so I’m trying to figure out where it went


In that case, it is in their wallet already. Trust Wallet cannot revert back the transaction once it is confirmed in the blockchain network. Please explain to their customer support directly so they can assist you with your deposit.

I’ve contacted them and I’ve been redirected to contact you all over again would some please help me because at this point I’m confused as to what to do this company is saying talk to this company and now it’s just giving me the run around the transaction never went through on their end because it was expired could someone please call me from trust wallet

I’d like to speak with someone verbally because I don’t think I’m being understood about what my real issue is so can someone please contact ASAP

Please provide me with the segwits address so I can try and figure this out or is there a way for you to help me track down the transaction

Hey can You please make version for Android 5 please…
Can You make atleast a lite version.
I am desperately need to login Trust Wallet but unable to because of bellow android 6 :sob::sob::sob:

@chad84, please send your crypto address so we can have a better understanding.

@Shariftricks team stopped rolling out update for devices with Android version below 6 due to security reasons. So, you have to consider upgrading your device to be able to use Trust wallet app.

@Amaju you can follow up here if you still need assistance

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I’m all good. Thanks for d suggestion

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Would you give me a better idea of what exactly to send I was trying to send the receipt but it won’t alllow me to send it

pp36pw2dd6y5vc3c85sghg32mtl6wml0eq7zamqc6y This is where it was sent

It looks like you sent to a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) address: Explorer | BTC | ETH | BCH

Also, they have moved the funds already to another wallet. As previously mentioned, Trust Wallet, does not initiate refunds. The service that you have interacted with needs to give you back your BCH manually.

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But they’re telling me that you guys have to do something on your end they’re saying they never received the funds so I don’t know where to go with it from here both y’all saying check the other and niether party has the funds so please are you sure about what it is I’m asking because bit should be something someone can do it’s like the funds just floating somewhere and no can track it

Please reply here with your wallet address that you used for sending funds to them. So I can explain further what happened with your transaction.

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@chad84, so this is the wallet address from the Trust Wallet app, right?

What wallet address did they give you to send your BCH? Is it qqyk56hf5t5a8xcmthu95zzcwj5360j8sq5xkdam0g or pqtz2uz7vl866azfl55u5yat8ehlhvgfysa5k3z69v?

Yes it is and it was sent to qqyk56hf5t5a8xcmthu95zzcwj5360j8sq5xkdam0g hopefully this helps a little