How to report scam?

As I managed to find out, my CSIX tokens were sent to different address without my knowledge. I didn’t make any action after sending tokens to trust wallet from the exchange.
My tx hash was: 0x49ed6794cbd59cf22d2cb8372c2d00aad356d560343f1ad717f4b2bc75906104
This is probably scam tx hash:
Or this one: (I’m not sure)
My question is where I can report it? My funds are lost

@gombrowicz Sorry to hear about your recent experience. Please be informed that Trust Wallet is a free, decentralized app that allows users to be custodians of their crypto assets.

Anyone can create a wallet without the need for any user verification.

We have no way to identify the person who has access to a specific wallet or address.

Trust Wallet does not hold the funds. Everything is on the blockchain.

What this means is that a wallet can be accessed using a different app.

The Trust Wallet team cannot reverse, cancel, or refund confirmed transactions in the blockchain since the app is a non-custodial wallet. All transactions done in the blockchain are permanent.

It is recommended to create a new wallet and abandon the compromised one. Please make sure you downloaded and installed the legitimate Trust Wallet app on official sites, you can check here:

Learn more: