I didn’t received the Btc that was sent to me

                            BTC address 


 Transaction hash


@Wizzy4 Please be patient
The transaction isn’t confirmed yet:

I’m yet to receive the Bitcoin I transferred to my wallet yesterday what’s going on transaction has been confirmed but the Bitcoin is yet to reflect in my wallet

Bitcoin was sent to my wallet yesterday and it was confirmed to be completed but the coin is yet to reflect in my wallet I’ve checked and everything seems right please resolve this

How long is it going to take before it gets confirmed :pensive: it’s been two days already

@Wizzy4 @Stjekey Please try following the troubleshoot guide below:

Transfered BTC to my wallet and haven’t received anything yet and it’s been 3 days

@Wizzy4 Please stop spamming, follow the guide above.
Most times, an app update fixes the issue.
You can always check on the explorer also to see if your coins are in your wallet already or still awaiting confirmation on the blockchain.

My BTC not reflecting after successfully transferring to my wallet!!!

This is my wallet below: bc1qksthul3q0t8gcja4cs6wnfufqdd2dv2ednxnfz

These are the two transactions hash below:



Hello @Latshow11,
Your BTC was received, please update your app and reimport your wallet.

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Same here my btc is not reflecting on my balance and I check it completed and even showing on block explorer

@Innocent00a Please provide your BTC receiving address

Bitcoin was sent to me and it’s over four hours now and I still haven’t received it yet till now
This my wallet: bclaksthul3q0t8gcja4cs6wnfufqdd2dv2ednxnfz

Hello @Latshow11
The address you have sent above is incorrect.
Please check you sent to the right address and provide that here and the transaction ID from the missing BTC.

Hola, he recibido bitcoin el 10/10/23 a mi direccion de BITCOIN en trust wallet pero estos no me aparecen en la plataforma. El hash de transaccion esta correctamente y la transaccion ha sido validada, en la blockchain aparece como si ya esta efectuada la transaccion pero no figura en mi billetera de trust wallet, que puedo hacer al respecto?

Hello, I received bitcoin on 10/10/23 to my BITCOIN address in trust wallet but they do not appear on the platform. The transaction hash is correct and the transaction has been validated, in the blockchain it appears as if the transaction has already been carried out but it does not appear in my trust wallet, what can I do about it?

Hello @charlotte420 share a screenshoot of what is wrong exactly with your wallet .

make sure you are using the last version of TW too .

This hash is


El monto que he recibido el 10/10/23 no se ve reflejado en mi billetera

I did not request your hash , please share a screenshoot of What is wrong exactly with your Wallet . Please speak English , I don’t speak Spanish

Well, here it says that I can’t enter a screenshot haha

It tells me I can’t enter screenshots when I want to send you a response.

you should know this…

No I don’t know, try with a computer, I can’t really help you without any screenshot…