I transferred and received BTC not reflecting

I tried sending the screenshot but it’s not working.


Above is the transaction hash.

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@Daisy2 You received the BTC.
Please confirm if you have the recent app update, if you do, reimport your wallet.

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Mahamed Ahmed muhumed [quote="Emerick2002, post:47, topic:748923, [quote=“Emerick2002, post:47, topic:748923, full:true”]
I have similar issues my btc is still showing 0 mean while it has already reflected as completed

I have similar issues my btc is still showing 0 mean while it has already reflected as completed

Uploading: Screenshot_20230919-232206.png…
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@Ahmedyare2 It’s hard to understand what you have just typed out.
Can you type your complaint out better?

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Hi there,

I am a very infrequent Trust Wallet user having only set one up this year to accept the odd payment with it. On Friday someone tried to pay me in BTC to my trustwallet, he did a test payment and it came through no issues…then he sent the full amount and I have received nothing.

Here is the transaction hash: 34e670c45a67e1631c711715b6885429827296c8151ec3018e374869206c079a

@Monicat12 Please follow the troubleshoot guide:

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Hello. I made a bitcoin transaction for a friend in my app trust wallet, I have everything fine but in his there is no information how I sent him the bitcoins and no bitcoins he use the same app trust wallet. In the blockchair appears all the information but in his App does not show information or bitcoins. And I’ve been waiting for 4 days and nothing. Pls help me…


Crypto wallet Address

Transaction hash

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@Rideroftime He already received the BTC you sent, sometimes they may not appear in the transaction history on the app but you can always check the explorer.


The problem is that they don’t believe in the blockchair only in the application and I’m going to run out of my btc

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@Rideroftime Blockchair is an explorer for Bitcoin to check your transactions.
You should use that to always confirm your transactions if you can’t seem to find in your wallet.

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Is there any way to make the download appear in the application of it?

Hi Tobi…I have similar problem …BTC was sent to my wallet and on bitcoin explorer it has been confirmed but yet to see the btc in my wallet can you help pls

@Oluwajizzle Please follow the troubleshoot guide below:

@Tobi I have tried all the troubleshooting options yet still can’t find the BTC …can you please help cos this is beginning to hurt my business . Thanks


I sent BTC to my trust wallet and it’s been over 24hrs of sending it which it has been confirmed on Blockchain explorer .Can you please help me look into this

Trust wallet version: 10.5
QR code plain text : bc1qzvs9jkgfe0zdfzqlcta64nr5fqrqcua9yvdm4d

Transaction hash : 9facb7dd17a314db24b82f1ecbd9dc68479a49cba3143713a6c44070009becf8

@Oluwajizzle I think you need to check your transaction hash well or check you have sent your BTC to as that transaction hash you sent has no history with the address you shared.

I have the screenshot of the transaction but not allowing me to post on here …I also use the QR code to scan while sending the payment and confirmed the wallet before sending just for it to send and got a receipt of transaction showing another


This address was what showed on the receipt even after using the QR code and the address .can. You please help check as the btc is still in the wallet after checking bitcoin explorer

@Oluwajizzle You most likely sent to a wrong address then, if you scanned the QR code from your wallet, there’s no way it’ll pop up as another address.

I sent using the QR code …is there anyway I can send a screenshot on here ? I have the receipt and everything …