I want to buy BNB, but it says not available

Still not working as of last night. This is crap. When are you going to fix this??? Still not available… its the only way I can buy elongate… costing us money!!


Hi everyone, as mentioned earlier, the problem is with the third-party, not Trust Wallet.

Even @zrobby mentioned it:

Read here: https://support.simplex.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360019476978-Why-is-BNB-not-available-

If you want to get Smart Chain BNB, you can withdraw from Binance.com. If you are located in US, you can access exchanges that sells BNB then withdraw it to your BNB wallet (address starts with bnb, not 0x), then cross-chain swap it to Smart Chain BNB (here’s a guide: How to make a Crosschain Swap on Trust Wallet).

For other providers aside from Simplex, you can contact them directly via their support tickets:

//Update 04-20-2021. Here’s a guide regarding the issue:

//Update 04-21-2021.
If you bought BNB and other cryptos using the app, please wait for the providers to send it. Else, you can send them a ticket ^^