Identifying transactions for new tokens deposited to Trust Wallet prior to adding custom token

It is possible to determine if I received a deposit of new tokens? I registered for several ERC20 and Bep20 token airdrops and I’m hoping to only add each custom token after receiving the drop. I’m aware I can use the contract address to add the custom token in advance, but I was wondering if the drop would show up on a transaction log or some sort of explorer unique to Trust Wallet.

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Hi @CyberPunk7,

You can get notified by opting for push notifications. Open the app > settings > push notifications.
Here’s a visual guide:

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Excellent! Thank you, this works perfectly I should have thought of that.

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Hi. In a slightly related question- I sent some (100) custom token from a Metamask address to a trust wallet Smart Chain address. The receiving party hadn’t yet added the token on their trust wallet and had shared the BEP20 (Smart Chain) address with me instead to which I sent the tokens. Are these tokens lost forever? I have the transaction ID and all the details of the transaction. Also, I would like to know why the tokens show up as ERC20 tokens when they should show up as BEP20 when I added it on my own Trust Wallet. The BRC(Token) has a bscscan contract address and not etherscan! Any guidance would be most appreciated. Thank you.