[Important] Swapping BEP2 & BEP20 to ERC20

Hello guys,

Today I come to you with a very important question: Is there any way to swap BEP2 or BEP20 tokens/coins to ERC20 directly from Trust Wallet? Or maybe through one of the dApps that are supported by Trust?

Would be very cool to be able to swap BNB or TWT for some ETH (Erc20), so one can use it for Uniswap, for example. For now, I take the funds to Binance, trade for some ETH, withdraw the ETH back to Trust and use it with Uniswap (like 4 steps total). But this path takes way too long and a more direct way is quite necessary.

Does anyone have an alternative to this? What’s your fastest way for swapping BEP2 & BEP20 to ERC20 from Trust Wallet?

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Anything on this, @iamdeadlyz?


Well, you have to send it to an exchange like Binance so you can withdraw it as an ERC20 (just like you mentioned).

This is a good suggestion by the way (and correct category). Thanks for making a thread about it :+1:


My pleasure! Do you have any news on this or any idea if Trust plans to integrate this in the future?

Also, I assume you trade too. What strategy are you using in such ‘chain’ situations, if I may? :grinning:


On the DEX you will the the option for BNB/ETH . I did swapped my BNB for some ET H but it never showed in my wallet. please help. Is the ETH on bep20? If so, how do I see it under my trust wallet???


That will be super cool but for now I suppose we have no other alternative than


Enable the other ETH versions in the wallet, the Bep2 one and the Bep20 one.


Quite insightful, but for now there is no other better way of doing it other than what you stated in the post.


Yes, indeed. I find this feature very important. Imagine a new investing opportunity showing up, a sudden drop in price for one of the coins that you’re following and is only on Uniswap available. What do you do? Before you move for funds from the wallet to the exchange, trade them for ETH and move them back in the wallet, the opportunity is long gone.

Of course, you can always have the ETH handy, but then the ROI problem arises: holding ETH will not bring the huge gains we all want, whereas when holding smaller BEP2/BEP20 coins (i.e $TWT or $CAKE), one has a much bigger ROI potential.

That’s why this cross-chain feature is crucial.


Agreed I would love to see this feature


thorchain is close to realizing this crosschain swapping. but yours is not a solitary issue sir, we’ve all been wanting cross-chain for a long time and there are quite a few projects working on bringing it to fruition. thorchain is just one of them, but they seem closest.


Yes, I know. There are lots of people who want this feature. However, Binance is one of the top players out there and they definitely have the funds. It would surprise me if they are not one of the first to deliver.


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This feature is about integrating binance bridge, not?


Good idea very very good

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In addition you can use the binance bridge also to swap from one network token to others though at the moment doesn’t support all tokens yet.


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I have been trying to figure out an option for this scenario as well. For some reason my Binance account was closed (I now use Kraken as my main exchange), so I’m stuck with some Bep20 tokens that I have no way of exchanging/selling on trust wallet. Quite the pickle.


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You should be able to use the Binance DEX (not the centralized exchange!) to trade your BEP20 tokens.