Introducing The Trust Wallet Security Scanner: Making Crypto & Web3 Safer For Everyone

Keeping Your Crypto Experience Safe.

Security is the foundation of everything we do at Trust Wallet and we’re constantly developing features that help protect your assets and allow you to enjoy a safer Web3 experience. That’s a big reason we’re excited to announce the launch of the Trust Wallet Security Scanner!

What is the Trust Wallet Security Scanner and what does it do?

The Trust Wallet Security Scanner is a built-in security feature that proactively informs you of risky transactions while keeping you in full control of your assets. We strive to make your Web3 experience as safe as possible – so each transaction is assigned a risk level, and the app proactively alerts you via a warning message, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

Through our research, we found a large number of users are deterred by the associated risks of getting into crypto, so our goal is to reduce your risk of exposure to transactions that may result in a loss of funds. Your security is our top priority, so we encourage you to get the latest version of the Trust Wallet mobile app to take advantage of this feature.

Why it’s important

As with any industry, the crypto space too can attract bad actors. But that shouldn’t stop people from having a secure and enjoyable Web3 experience. We also understand that for a lot of people, especially those still learning about crypto, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a safe transaction and an unsafe transaction – as they can often look the same. So we designed the Trust Wallet Security Scanner to help you clearly identify transactions that can result in a loss of funds, while also keeping you in complete control of your assets.

How to get started using the Trust Wallet Security Scanner

To get started with the Trust Wallet Security Scanner, you simply need to get the most updated version of the Trust Wallet Mobile App in the Apple App Store, Google Play store, or by using this link to the Trust Wallet website:

Once you have the most updated version of Trust Wallet installed on your device, the Security Scanner will automatically alert you of any risky transactions with special on-screen warnings, which are based on different risk levels.

The different risk levels range from low, medium, and high and the warnings you see will appear similar to this example:

In addition to full warning screens like this, you’ll also see additional information on identified risks throughout the app when making transactions.

Have more questions about the Trust Wallet Security Scanner?

The Trust Wallet Security Scanner is a feature our team is excited for Trust Wallet users to take advantage of. And we’ll continually roll out updates to ensure we stay ahead of any new threats in the crypto space, so you can keep your assets safe.

If you have more questions, please see our Security Scanner FAQs here.