Your Trust Wallet 2022 Wrap-up

2022: The year that Trust built

For those of you on this journey towards freedom and ownership, and those of you who decided to trust yourselves in 2022 and join the Trust Wallet fam, what a year it’s been :rocket:.

Our community and user base are more alive than ever:

  • Trust Wallet total app downloads have increased 63% this year
  • 24 million new devices joined Trust Wallet this year
  • $TWT’s price increased +60% year on year
  • Our team grew 3x in a crypto bear market and in a period of economic downturn globally
  • Our Twitter community grew to 2.2 million to become the largest self-custody community on social media

Crypto is dead, they said. Well, Trust certainly isn’t.

We’re growing because of your support – your feedback, your sharing, your contribution, your voice. This year we turned a corner for crypto, with the term ‘not your keys, not your coins’ ringing truer than ever in the midst of an ever-changing industry. Here’s a little look back at what we achieved together.

You spoke, we listened, and 46+ new features emerged

We focused on what was most important to our community: Simplicity, convenience, security, and better access to more web3 opportunities. The result? We added more features than ever before:

+19 new product features
+9 new chains supported, for a total of 70 blockchains and ~9 million tokens (+550% YoY)
+7 NFT Chains supported, for a total of 1 million+ NFT collections and ~590 million NFTs
+6 dApp ecosystems added
+4 native staking support to the most popular blockchains
+ 40+ fiat currencies to buy hundreds of tokens directly within the wallet app in a fully compliant manner

Product highlights:

  • Trust Wallet Browser Extension
  • Seamless crypto transfers from Binance and Coinbase
  • Cross chain swap among BTC, ETH, ETC, BUSD
  • Directly buy hundreds of tokens from 40+ currencies via compliant 3rd party payment providers.
  • Security Scanner for transactions

We also focused heavily on user adoption by enabling more payment methods and allowing people to buy crypto more seamlessly within the app. We now have:

  • 350+ tokens supported
  • 40+ fiat currencies supported
  • 6 different payment methods
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) support

What this means for our community:

We continue to make crypto and Web3 simpler and safer to use. We’ll continue to build features that enable users to access more opportunities to control and leverage their web3 assets.

*Check out the appendix to read more on how much we’ve been building this year.

App downloads rose +63% in 2022

In 2022, we saw a big increase in app downloads despite the bear market. We focused on building more utility into the app, through features that made managing on-chain assets and exploring Web3 simpler and safer. The numbers show that the belief in Web3 and full ownership has grown and will continue to grow.

What this means for our community:

We are building features users really want. We integrated features that made exploring Web3 easier, like instant deposits from exchanges and cross-chain swaps – and we’ll continue to bring more of what our community wants to Trust Wallet in 2023.

We built a sustainable business, generated millions in revenue, and TWT’s price rose +60% YoY.

This year, we made it a priority to make Trust Wallet a sustainable business while providing real value to TWT token holders. We believe that although generating revenue is important to our long, it’s also not the end goal. Ultimately, we want to create real value for anyone that uses Trust Wallet, while we grow and thrive together with the community. If we have a new value creation, we will introduce a TWT utility.

As a result of our efforts this year, we generated millions of dollars in revenue and the TWT token burst into the top 100 on CoinMarketCap, as the price rose +60% on the year.

Key highlights

We generated revenue through our buy crypto feature – which allows people to purchase crypto directly in the app via compliant 3rd payment providers.

And to give back to our community, TWT holders with more than 100 TWT will automatically receive a fee discount of 100 basis points. Collectively, TWT holders have saved over $134,000 in fees as a result of this utility.

Additionally, TWT governance had a real impact on major product decisions in 2022.

  • 5 proposals were put up for vote
  • Over 66.6 million TWT participated in governance
  • 3 chains were added due to proposals - Ronin, Osmosis, and Aptos

TWT governance also helped resolve difficult trade-off decisions, in the case of integrating Ronin vs. Terra v2, and Ethereum Hard Fork vs. Aptos. We’re thankful to our community for participating in these key decisions and for helping serve users in a way decided by the community.

What this means for our community:

Our business is strong, and Trust Wallet will be here for the long term. In 2023 we’ll continue to increase Trust Wallet’s global coverage, provide even more value to TWT holders, and work together with our community to make our product even better.

We leveled-up by 7.7 million tokens and 1 million NFT collections with ~590 million NFTs

We’ve always focused on bringing support for assets people want the most in Web3. In 2022 alone, we added support for an additional 7.7 million tokens, 600 million NFTs, and 1 million NFT collections. That brings our end-of-year total to a massive +9 million digital assets, across +70 Blockchains. It’s probably safe to say FOMO is officially dead at Trust Wallet.

What this means for our community:

We’re building to be your gateway to Web3, so we’ll continue to add support for the assets and blockchains you really want to use.

We became the biggest self-custody community on Twitter (2.2 million followers) and expanded our global presence

We’re committed to helping our community thrive and connect, part of which means building both our online and offline presence globally. We grew our Twitter following into the biggest self-custody community with 2.2 million, grew our regional communities on Telegram*, and showed up locally with 15 in-person events, 7+ webinars and a heap of Twitter Spaces and AMAs.**

What this means for our community:

Crypto is alive and kicking, people really want to take full control of their assets, and we’re pretty much building the most fun self-custody community in the world. Building with, and for our community is top priority at Trust Wallet – so connect with us on Twitter and catch us at more local meetups and live chats in 2023 as we continue to make Web3 accessible to more people than ever.

*Check out our list of our global Telegram communities in the appendix, if you’re not already part of one — exciting things are ahead.

**In case you missed anything, explore the links in the appendix to listen to some of our events

Our team grew 3x, and will keep growing

This year was challenging for industries across the spectrum, particularly ours. But, our team rose to meet that challenge as we continued to invest in building a stronger product, service and community. As a lean and efficient team, we believe that the bear market is a good time to invest for the future. 2022 was about navigating through changing market conditions while laying a solid foundation and building for a super-charged 2023.

What this means for our community:

Despite the bear market, we’re focused on growth – and we’ll continue to grow our team in 2023 to bring you great features, even faster.

We focused on building a more open Web3 ecosystem

Our vision is to enable everyone to thrive with the freedom to own and access web3 opportunities. And our mission is to build a seamless Web3 gateway and open ecosystem. This not only takes a tremendous amount of development work, it also requires constant collaboration with other industry players. In 2022 we focused on working even more with blockchain networks, open protocols, and major exchanges – some of which include:

  • Binance and Coinbase to make depositing crypto seamless
  • 1inch and Thorchain to make swapping assets simpler and faster
  • Adding WalletConnect v2 support to enable more dApp connections and cross-chain and interoperability
  • Unstoppable Domains, ENS and Space ID to make sending and receiving crypto more user-friendly

What this means for our community:

We want our users to have a seamless experience with Web3. We’ll continue to build Trust Wallet into an easy-to-use platform you can use to explore and leverage the best of Web3.

Looking ahead to 2023

2022 was an incredible year of growth at Trust Wallet. We introduced dozens of new features, grew our community to record levels, and expanded our team to build better and faster. Looking ahead to 2023, we’re focused on breaking down more barriers to open up new and exciting possibilities powered by Web3. Web3 is not an alternative; web3 enables more creativity. And as Trust Wallet, we want to serve the overall industry and community to better channel creativity and value creation for society.

For everyone on the journey of crypto and web3, Trust Wallet aspires to be your best companion. Stay tuned as we bring even more benefits to your Trust Wallet as we grow with the industry together. And be sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram communities to help us continue to build what helps you and your future.

End-of-Year Wrap-Up Appendix

46 new product Trust Wallet features

19 new product features & service integrations

9 additional blockchains supported

We added:

7 additional blockchains supported for NFTs

We added:

6 additional blockchains supported for dApps

We added:

4 additional in-app staking options

We added:

Here’s a list of AMAs/Twitter Spaces from 2022:

  • Bybit Exchange twitter space with Trust Wallet- listen here
  • Ramp twitter space with Trust Wallet- Listen here
  • Polygon twitter space with Trust Wallet- Listen here
  • Binance custody twitter space with Trust Wallet - listen here
  • Eowyn Chen Interview with The Wolf of All Streets, Scott Melker - watch here
  • Eowyn Chen panel discussion at Messari Mainnet - watch here Crypto Baby Steps: Payments, E-commerce, and On-Ramps - Messari Mainnet 2022
  • Eowyn Chen panel discussion at Binance Blockchain Week Paris 2022 - The Seamless Web3 Future
  • Eowyn Chen panel discussion at Binance Blockchain week - watch here
  • Eowyn Chen panel discussion at TOKEN2049 - watch here
  • Eowyn Chen Interview with Coinstation - watch here

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