Is trust wallet the safest digital wallet in the world

does truswallet dare to guarantee our digital assets


I may say yes because you and only you have access to your finance (trust wallet). If you Keep your private key safe, you are forever safe.


Oke thanks its mean no history & privatkey savety

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Trust Wallet does not hold your assets and thus is in no position to guarantee your assets.

The assets are always on the chain and in very simple terms your keys opens a certain box on the chain which holds your tokens. Trust Wallet allows you to keep a back up of phrase/private keys so that you may access the wallet from anywhere if Trust Wallet stops working but that’s not gonna happen.

You can use your wallet on multiple platforms simultaneously by restoring option. However, keep your keys with utmost care.


Your :trust: is very safe as long as your private key is kept private and safe. But, if it’s not kept safe, then, your :trust: is not safe.

This simply means you’re the one to determine whether your :trust: will be the safest Wallet in the world.


With trust wallet all your assets are safe but you just have to keep your private key safe against crypto burglars :grin:


Hi @titamaniez,

Trust Wallet leverages industry-leading security features found in modern smartphones to ensure your wallet is safe at all times. The private keys are only stored locally.

For more information, please read:

Here are also three great steps to make your crypto wallet more secure: