Is TWT coming on Binance - NO (22DEC2020)

A lot of people including me have received 100 TWT distribution on our Binance Accounts. Is TWT finally coming to Binance ? :sunglasses:


I have not seen this will check mine!

I didn’t receive any, but I see the price had a jump today too

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and there is a recent pump in price… :astonished: massive pump

you will recive 100 TWT if you did KYC and trade in binance.


This has been our prayers! If it does, that’ll be great.
And what a glorious way, that will be to end the year 2020.

I just hope it is because I have never seen binance distribute token they don’t want to list even though at the end they don’t get listed, the probably have the intention to get it listed.

Otherwise they would have distributed the Airdrop on trustwallet.

Think about it guys.


I have 100 TWT under my binance distribution too, what can I do with it


This was yesterday when the distribution started. Someone started gathering TWT it seems. Preparing eh…


Eh bein, moi je n’en ai pas reçu. Pourtant j’ai fait KYC et je fais beaucoup d’échange. Ou dois je voir ça? J’ai pas vu dans spot.

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Yeah I missed it, didn’t trade in the period for the airdrop

So Binance distributed 100 TWT to all those who traded during the trading period

Binance TWT campaign Distribution

TWT Binance Airdrop

Now you can withdraw these tokens to your Trust Wallet app and stake them to earn free cakes on Pancakeswap
Stake TWT on PancakeSwap to Earn CAKE

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This is wonderful I’ve recieved 100 TWT too… TWT to the moon soonest

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Wow that a whale trying to dump on us… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Glad it’s not listed yet except he is holding for long term.


I will accumulate TWT now :slight_smile:

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Bao lâu mới hết hạn nhận ban nhỉ. Mình vẫn chẳng thấy đâu.

Hey, I moved my TWT to the trust wallet app. How every I neither can stake them nor swap them because it needs some transaction fee. I moved some BNB from binance to my trust wallet but still couldn’t do any thing because it said there are insufficient BNB to cover network fee! the amount of bnb on my wallet how ever is 0.002 which is more then the transaction fee. can you help?

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You have to swap your BNB to Binance Smart Chain

  1. Click on the 3 dots

  1. Swap your BNB to Smart Chain

I Just hope it will be listed soon, probably it may turn out to be a life changing opportunity for hodlers.

Holding some bags too. The future will tell