Issue with cryptos not received

Kindly send me your wallet address so i can check the transaction details

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I sent yfi from Coinbase pro to trust and still remains 0 anybody can help ? Fund not on either don’t know what to do

Hi, I had the same issue where I bought Hungry Bear in Pancake Swap and I do not believe the token is supported on Trust Wallet. Is there any way I can add it to Trust Wallet as a custom token or can I send it to another Wallet? Thanks in advance.

Please someone sent CRU coins from coinbase to my trust wallet and it has been approved at his end but it still hasn’t shown in my wallet and I’m getting worried. Please what do I do??

Here’s the wallet address


I already added the crust wallet to my multicoin wallet and it’s still showing zero CRU and it’s been hours.

I didnt receive a BNB transfer a friend sent to me… the transaction hash shows “success”! What can I do?

Transaction hash 0xc87268bac0366e9a518c856b1283fd782069c60c8ae23b8af5f12eb501864f5e

It is not a lot… But I am concern about moving more coins now!

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Hi, I bought some BNB smartchain and it hasn´t arrived yet, I tried reinstalling the app, importing the wallet and I checked if there were transactions made in that wallet and nothing. Hopefully you can help me. The wallet addres is: 0xdBcEa94b04F4256F1E180e3c8D31BA1677C87F5D

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Hi, i swaped Bnb to Safestar but still didnt recieve this safestar coin…does somebody know? Thanks🙏🏽Recipient: 0x3C00F8FCc8791fa78DAA4A480095Ec7D475781e2

Same issue. On my end but i swaped bnb for TXl but same result you had.

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I have the same issue, i have swapped bnb to safemoon and vancat through pancake swap, but the amount of both safemoon and vancat isn’t fully swapped, while my bnb amount already gone. where did the money go? how do i recover this issue? is there any way i can see the history of my transactions?

please advice

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Please be informed,
These tokens have burning mechanism and cuts off token while you swap or make any transaction. This is not a problem with Trust wallet neither your order filled partially.

Hello, I sent myself from the Binance exchange 13 USDT (Apr-21-2021 09:53: 37 AM + UTC) wallet Trust Wallet 1.28.1 (Android OS), via the BEP20 protocol (BSC), the phone received a notification (from Trust Wallet) that the payment was made, but it is not displayed on the balance.
Status: Success
Transaction Hash: 0x93cc62d85f81aa2ea5f11a50718016d5df081de4ee89a029fdeccba7a017ebbe

Hi there,
The transaction you made is on Binance smart chain so you need to enable peg version of that asset. Search for BUSD in the app and enable which has BEP20 underneath the name.

Here’s a guide to follow :
How to Add or Remove a Coin

Indeed, everything turned out like this: you suggested it, thank you very much, you helped a lot. :handshake:

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Pls this crypto transaction was successful but not received

Hello, I sent the BNB Coin Trust Wallet to the Indodax Market Wallet, why hasn’t it entered my Indodax domoet until now trust wallet address swallow “bnb143ugcuajmz8wguyteyn7x5wh4ynzu45gj5jw7x” to the address “bnb1udq3s2yn2q7mq5mlpkrj98uj58s7dujmjrj7nw” Please help

Hi people I also have the same ploblem but I don’t know how tho do that steps it from my binance account and it show like yours
Trash code

Hi @Shariful1000
Is there any way i can see how much the cut off has taken? I’m a bit curious since the amount of my crypto was dropped significantly and the amount of the cut off was pretty much different between one another transactions.

Thank you for your response.

Hi everyone, I’ll answer generally as a couple of users have hijacked this topic without creating a separate thread (ex: posting a different problem compared to OP’s issue).

To anyone experiencing this issue:

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the app.
  • Use WiFi with a strong internet connection instead of mobile data for the app to display the correct balance. If it won’t work, use WiFi + VPN as well.
  • Enable the tokens. For example, SAFEMOON. To access it, tap the toggle sign on the upper right of the main wallet screen, search for SAFEMOON, and enable the one with BEP20. You can also follow this guide: How to Add or Remove a Coin
  • Check your wallet address on (for BNB Binance Chain), (for Smart Chain BNB), or (for Ethereum network) . If it’s already there then it already arrived in your wallet. If not, contact the customer support of the exchange regarding withdrawal issues.
  • You may want to try in reinstalling the app. Make sure you have a backup before you proceed.
    How to Backup a Multi-Coin Wallet
    Uninstall and then reinstall your app. Follow this guide to restore your wallet.
    How to Restore a Multi-Coin Wallet

For MoonPay, Simplex, and etc. purchases, they are taking time in distributing the bought cryptos due to the increased demand. It is best to contact them directly. Ticket links can be checked here:

For Binance Chain to Binance Smart Chain cross-chain swaps, read here: Swap from BNB to BNB smartchain, but value is missing - #203 by iamdeadlyz

I’ll lock this thread so users who encountered the same issue can check this answer immediately.