Lost 30% instantly when swapping BNB to Safemoon

I’m trying track down what happened with my transaction. I sent around $1050 worth of BNB to exchange for Safemoon, but the transaction resulted in only $778 worth of Safemoon. Which nearly 30% loss.

My slippage was set at 12%, and the transfer was leas than $2.

I’m trying to sort this out quickly as the potential could result in a high loss worth of fiat.

Transaction hash: 0x6b78180f3f3c8aa7f78c5cf8b2338e8cbfea5c4ac24ef6ba687fe1464f045190

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Hi @Skb,

It seems fine here…

They have some kind of tax fee in their smart contract: https://safemoon.net/whitepaper. Please do your due diligence before buying any kind of cryptocurrency.

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This also happened to me now.

Got $350 worth of BNB, swapped on pancakeswap with slippage of 11,3.
Got $280 worth of Safemoon.
I know there’s a 10% fee on selling safemoon, but 25% on buying?


Pancake are converting the money wrong surely you can clearly see it in the tranactions that a third is being wiped off , i have had this happened 4 times ,
Twice from BNB smart chain to Smartmoon
1 from BNB Smart chain to SafeBTC and
1 from BNB Smart chain to Safemoon

All of these using Pancake swap addin

same here £100 and anotehr £200 bought i lost a third.
i am aware of the 10% tax. im just wondering if the Crypto to BNB fee of 0,. BNB caused that drop.

You are posting the value of Safemoon after the spike on Friday. The picture I took was within a few minutes of the purchase on Monday. Safemoon has a 10% tax on transactions, but I lost 28-29% in the transaction.

What happened to the missing 18%.

You should also take slippage and price volatility into consideration. Anything else can be discussed with Safemoon admins or dev team. There are no issues relating to Trust Wallet about it.

I have. The transaction had a slippage limit. A slippage limit is supposed to limit how much price volatility impacts a transaction and prevents a transaction if it exceeds the limit, correct? That limit was set at 12%

I have ran these numbers several times. I looked at both charts (BNB and Safemoon). I ran the numbers through excel spreadsheets trying to work out how I started with $1050 USD cash and ended up with $775-ish worth of Safemoon.

Even when accounting for slippage, tax and fees; I’m still missing a few hundred million Safemoons. In fact, if I account for volatility, I should get even MORE Safemoon, since the value of Safemoon went down during the duration of the transaction.

It seems like you are insinuating the problem is on Safemoon’s side? But myself (like I’m sure others as well) are willing to pay Trust Wallets fee, because we can trust they validate transactions.

exactly i got the same 30% price reduction to safemoon, safebtc (still not showing properly in my trustwallet) and safemars…

its more than likely pankcake swap. they are charging a high amount stay away from them

To clarify, Trust Wallet does not take any commission fees. Thus, it is recommended to contact Pancakeswap and/or Safemoon admins or dev team about that.

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Please be aware that the price on the app is not always updated.
The price shown on the app is based on CoinmarketCap/CoinGecko.
The price on PancakeSwap will also be different since the token is being traded real time.
There is also the factor of the token contract tax.
This is the risk of trading on DEX and also trading this highly volatile asset.