Lost funds (coins?

I checked. Still appear Unconfirmed on mempool. And when i try to send btc it says previous transaction pending

@oz25000 I see it now, you’d need to wait till the transaction is confirmed since it’s already broadcasted to the blockchain.

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Thank you Tobi. Any idea how long can it take? Already been 3 days. Thanks

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@oz25000 Did you adjust the fee when making the transaction? The transaction time depends on the blockchain actually and no ETA.

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No i didn’t. Ive sent it as it was default.
You think it can be stuck forever like this? All my btc is unavailable

@oz25000 No it will either be confirmed or cancelled back to your wallet but I can’t say about how long it’ll take.

Hello Tobi , can you help pls . I transfered from Trust wallet to my Binance wallet account in March 25.2024 time : 14:35 around 7939508326.383 PEPEeth coins but i think i made a mistake by sending to PEPEbnb to this recipent : 0x50f9A2BD82d968BA65dE04A250de6F0e633178e5
In my trust wallet history it say transaction complete but i didn’t recive any PEPE coins in my Binance wallet . What should i do help pls

@Kosowar1 You need to contact the Binance team regarding this since your token was sent successfully.

My USDT from trust wallet has been stolen, I have the information on the blockchain, what can I do?

@Mgtfenix Unfortunately there is little to nothing that can be done regarding stolen assets. Please enlighten more on security steps to keep yourself safe.
Learn more:

Hi there. I’ve just went into my trust wallet and there’s some funds that has been transferred but I never did those transfer… can you help me???

@Lb27 Please read my response above, unfortunately there’s nothing we can do regarding that.

What can one do to enhance of security from scammers, because scammers are becoming many in Blockchain system

@Nason2000 Please read this:

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I have sent ETH through the base network from 0x0e017a9ee92d9bce970c8e1d3211525ce4f839e6 to 0x6514ff6d7458b5fc9d54e7505c4fc58255508f57 that isn’t supported by the base network. Basescan Blockchain shows my transaction was successful but the recipient didn’t get the asset because of their unsupported network. For your consideration, my transaction hash is 0xe00f2a6adb7eb4b09065f77e130582de77471249ff9c5d2bb0d89e91faec2e7c. I tried to recover the funds by the following method 1. Identify the correct blockchain and compatible wallet

The first step to recovery is identifying the blockchain your transaction was mistakenly sent on. For example, if you intended to send an ERC-20 token, but it was accidentally sent using the BEP-20 network, you’ll need to focus on a wallet that supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Once you’ve identified the correct blockchain, find a wallet that natively supports that network. Trust Wallet supports over 70 blockchains - giving you a higher likelihood of accessing your assets via the blockchains it supports.

2. Obtain your secret recovery seed phrase:

Next, you’ll need your private key or recovery seed phrase associated with the original wallet address used for the transaction. Be cautious while handling this sensitive information, as anyone who has your private key or seed phrase effectively has control over your wallet and assets.

3. Import the secret phrase into your new wallet

Now that you have your private key or seed phrase, follow these steps to import it into your new wallet:

  1. Install the new wallet and create a back-up of your current wallet addresses, if necessary.
  2. Locate the “Import Wallet” or “Restore Wallet” option within the wallet app or software.
  3. Choose the private key or seed phrase option, depending on your wallet’s requirements.
  4. Input your private key or recovery seed phrase and follow the wallet’s instructions to import your address.

Retrieve your funds

After successfully importing your wallet address, you should be able to see the mistakenly sent funds within the new wallet. Double-check and confirm that your assets are now visible and accessible on the correct network. You may then transfer them back to your original wallet or another wallet of your choosing.

Warnings and best practices

a. Always exercise extreme caution while handling your private key or seed phrase to avoid exposing your wallet to potential theft or hacks. b. Double-check your network and wallet compatibility before initiating a recovery process to avoid further errors. c. Verify wallet reputation and security features before importing your private key to ensure a safe retrieval of your assets.


While mistakenly sending assets on an incorrect network can be distressing, recovering these funds is possible by importing the private key into a compatible wallet. By following the steps outlined in this article and exercising caution, you can retrieve your funds securely. If you need assistance or have questions during the process, do not hesitate to reach out to your wallet provider or the respective blockchain project’s official support channels. but it doesn’t work. How can I get my asset back

@sujon19 This isn’t a Trust wallet issue, you need to contact the receiving wallet support team.

@Tobi i see that you help a lot , so would like to ask your help a little bit because i am new and worry if i did something wrong because Token i bought do not show in my wallet .
i bought yesterday pre-sale dogeverse . 0x5b24ebe1f20303ff03ea6ff114838c8040ea89a5e55ade8284b735722788fd75
i made the transaction through the official website of dogverse and connected my trust wallet but is not shown yet .
once is presale will it be shown after launch date ? and then i can claim them from trustwallet ??

also i bought DOGECOIN20 today , again from official website but after presale , official website redirected me to dexscreener and from there i bought the through Uniswap .
address is this 0xb4492836862ded1e90749320df991bb6dcb6e01c7dc4b4d24d9a0b0ac787ac6b
and also these are not showing although are bought 1 day after pre-sale .
will it show after some days ?
Do i suppose to do something further ?
i see the transaction on my trustwallet in History but i do not see the Tokens .
is there any case to check if transaction is correct ? did i made any mistake ?
thank you very much !

@psgr You have the token in your wallet but you’d need to add it manually if it’s not shown.
Here’s a guide:

You can use the contract address below to add

  • 0x2541A36BE4cD39286ED61a3E6AFC2307602489d6

Hi Tobi
i would like to ask one more time your help :pray: :pray: .

i have bought DOGEVERSE 62 days before , and transaction hash is this 0x5b24ebe1f20303ff03ea6ff114838c8040ea89a5e55ade8284b735722788fd75
and from the transaction is shown that i received 1,580,142 dogeverse .

Now Dogeverse is live , i followed your samples how to add them in my wallet but now is shown in my wallet 152.388,841 much less than should appear .
i have connected wallet on coin page thedogeverse with the token address 0x62F03b52c377FeA3EB71D451a95ad86C818755D1
but in my trustwallet is shown only an incoming "HARVEST REWARD " .
What you advise to do in order to see the normal transaction and not only the reward ?
when i connect the wallet with the website it shows Your ETH claimable $DOGEVERSE 0
Did i lost them ?
do i make something wrong ?
what you advise to do ?
thank you in advance , you help is precious !!

@psgr Can you please reimport your wallet and add the token again.